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The Curriculum section of this web site provides the user with the actual Detectives in the Classroom curriculum. The curriculum consists of 34 investigations (lessons) that are divided into five modules, one for each of the Essential Questions. The user can navigate by using the menu to the left or the links below.

Module 1

Investigation 1-1:   Why Are These Students Getting Sick?
Investigation 1-2:   In the News
Investigation 1-3:   What's My Hypothesis?
Investigation 1-4:   The Case of Amy
Investigation 1-5:   A Mysterious Ailment
Investigation 1-6:   Concept Connections

Module 2

Investigation 2-1:   The 2 X 2 Table
Investigation 2-2:   Compared to What?
Investigation 2-3:   What's Wrong with This Picture?
Investigation 2-4:   Backpacks and Back Pain
Investigation 2-5:   Observational Studies
Investigation 2-6:   The Journey
Investigation 2-7:   Epi Team Challenge
Investigation 2-8:   Which Design Is Best?
Investigation 2-9:   Designs, Diagrams, and Tables
Investigation 2-10:   Concept Connections

Module 3

Investigation 3-1:   In the News
Investigation 3-2:   Cause
Investigation 3-3:   Chance
Investigation 3-4:   Confounding
Investigation 3-5:   Reversed Time Order
Investigation 3-6:   Selection Bias
Investigation 3-7:   Weighing the Evidence
Investigation 3-8:   Concept Connections

Module 4

Investigation 4-1:   Risk Perception
Investigation 4-2:   Acceptable Risk
Investigation 4-3:   Acceptable Risk Considerations
Investigation 4-4:   Risk Management Strategies
Investigation 4-5:   Concept Connections

Module 5

Investigation 5-1:   Why Evaluate?
Investigation 5-2:   How to Evaluate
Investigation 5-3:   Evaluation Issues
Investigation 5-4:   Evaluating an Actual Strategy
Investigation 5-5:   Concept Connections