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Investigation 1-4
The Case of Amy


A school principal receives a letter from the mother of a sick child, Amy.  The mother believes that a school-based exposure caused her daughter's illness.  Students predict the descriptive epidemiology of the disease and hypothesize whether or not it was caused by the school-based exposure.  Assuming the roles of the various stakeholders, students analyze the evidence and reach conclusions from different perspectives.

Investigation Preparation Checklist

Check alignment with standards.

National or State file

Review Epidemiology Background for Module 1.

Word or PDF file

Review teacher's notes and slides:  [en espaņol:]

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    Copy "Letter to the Principal" for each student to be
    read in class.

    Word or PDF file

    Copy Investigation 1-4: Epi Log Worksheet - Descriptive Epi for each student.

    Word or PDF file

    Copy Presentation Rubric for each student.

    Word or PDF file

    Estimated Time / Time Management

    Approximately two class periods.  Time can be managed by increasing or decreasing the number of stakeholders.

    Look For Students To:

    Identify descriptive epidemiologic clues that support Amy's mother's claim.

    Identify descriptive epidemiologic clues that do not support Amy's mother's claim.

    Logically state specific arguments, based on descriptive epidemiologic clues, that either support or do not support others' claims about the cause of Amy's sickness.