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Investigation 2-5
Observational Studies


This investigation is divided into two parts.  In Part 1, students work in Epi Teams to select their own hypotheses and design and conduct an in-class observational study.  Students create questions that will allow them to count and classify their "exposure" and "outcome," assure that participants have given their informed consent, collect data, display data in a 2x2 table, calculate risks and a relative risk, and make inferences.  In Part 2, each Epi Team presents their study results to the class according to the IMRAD format (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion).

Investigation Preparation Checklist

Check alignment with standards.

National or State file

Review Epidemiology Background for Module 2.

Word or PDF file

Review teacher's notes and slides:  [en espaņol:]

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    Copy Investigation 2-5: Epi Log Worksheet for each student.  [en espaņol:]

    Word or PDF file

    Copy Investigation 2-5: 2x2 Table Sheet for each student.  [en espaņol:]

    Word or PDF file

    Copy Presentation Rubric for each student.

    Word or PDF file

    Estimated Time / Time Management

    Approximately two class periods.

    Look For Students To:

    Part 1

    Create a hypothesis.

    Accurately define an exposure and an outcome.

    Carry out the study in a way that shows "respect for persons."

    Accurately calculate risks and relative risk.

    Make logical inferences from their data.

    Part 2

    Organize the presentation of their study according to IMRAD.

    Prepare appropriate and accurate presentation materials.

    Present their study in a manner that meets the Presentation Rubric criteria.