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Investigation 2-7
Epi Team Challenge


Students will practice distinguishing between the four study designs by participating in an Epi Team Challenge. Epi Teams are given clues about a study design and asked to hold up cards to show which design is being described.

Investigation Preparation Checklist

Check alignment with standards.

National or State file

Review Epidemiology Background for Module 2.

Word or PDF file

Review teacher's notes and slides:  [en espaņol:]

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    Copy set of Study Design Cards for each Epi Team.

    PowerPoint or PDF file

    Copy Investigation 2-7: Epi Log Worksheet for each student.  [en espaņol:]

    Word or PDF file

    Estimated Time / Time Management

    Approximately one class period. Time can be managed by eliminating the "Study Design Assessment" in slides 77-106.

    Look For Students To:

    Correctly identify different study designs: controlled trial, cohort study, case-control study, and cross-sectional study.

    Accurately describe the different study designs to someone else.

    Identify characteristics of each study design that distinguish it from the others.