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Investigation 4-1
Risk Perception


Students are asked to rank order the fifteen leading injury-related reasons why boys and girls visited emergency rooms.  Students then compare their perception of the risks with the actual risks and realize that their perceptions are not always the same as the actual risks.  Students then explore the impact that this difference might have on the allocation of resources to prevent visits to the emergency room for a particular reason.

Investigation Preparation Checklist

Check alignment with standards.

National or State file

Review Epidemiology Background for Module 4.

Word or PDF file

Review teacher's notes and slides:  [en espaņol:]

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    Copy Epi Talk handout for each student.

    Word or PDF file

    Copy one set of Rank Order Cards for each
    Epi Team.

    PowerPoint or PDF file

    Copy Investigation 4-1: Epi Log Worksheet for each student.  [en espaņol:]

    Word or PDF file

    Estimated Time / Time Management

    Approximately one class period.

    Look For Students To:

    Demonstrate, based on data, how the size of a perceived risk can differ from the size of an actual risk.

    Describe the possible inefficiency of investing scarce resources based on perceived rather than actual risks.