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Investigation 5-1
Why Evaluate?


Students identify reasons for evaluating risk management strategies, while appreciating that there are reasons why some people might not want to evaluate a strategy.  Students are given an example of an evaluation and identify the main reasons for conducting it and the possible pitfalls of the approach.  Through the investigation, students are encouraged to think critically about health-related and cost-related justifications and their impact on a decision about how to evaluate a risk management strategy.  In conclusion, students realize why it is important to evaluate risk management strategies.

Investigation Preparation Checklist

Check alignment with standards.

National or State file

Review Epidemiology Background for Module 5.

Word or PDF file

Review teacher's notes and slides:  [en espaņol:]

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  • PDF: 689KB

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    Copy Epi Talk handout for each student.

    Word or PDF file

    Copy article, "Accessibility to Children of Video Games with Violent Content," for each student and assign to be read prior to the next class.

    Word or PDF file

    Copy Investigation 5-1: Epi Log Worksheet for each student.  [en espaņol:]

    Word or PDF file

    Estimated Time / Time Management

    Approximately one class period.

    Look For Students To:

    Provide reasons for evaluating a risk management strategy.

    Appreciate that, even with good intentions, a risk management strategy might not work.

    Provide reasons for why, despite the value of evaluating a risk management strategy, some people would not want it evaluated.