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Module 1

This section of the web site provides the user with the information needed to teach the six investigations that comprise Module 1.

The purpose of these investigations is to teach students to answer the first Essential Question:

How is this disease distributed and what hypotheses might explain that distribution?

And, in learning to answer this question, develop the first Enduring Understanding:

Health-related conditions and behaviors are not distributed uniformly in a population. Each has a unique descriptive epidemiology that can be discovered by identifying how it is distributed in a population in terms of person, place, and time. Descriptive epidemiology provides clues for formulating hypotheses.

   The six investigations are:

Investigation 1-1:   Why Are These Students Getting Sick?
Investigation 1-2:   In the News
Investigation 1-3:   What's My Hypothesis?
Investigation 1-4:   The Case of Amy
Investigation 1-5:   A Mysterious Ailment
Investigation 1-6:   Concept Connections

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