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Module 2

This section of the web site provides the viewer with the information needed to teach the ten investigations that comprise Module 2.

The purpose of these investigations is to teach students to answer the second Essential Question:

Is there an association between the hypothesized cause and the disease?

And, in learning to answer this question, develop the second Enduring Understanding:

Causal hypotheses can be tested by observing exposures and diseases of people as they go about their daily lives. Information from these observational studies can be used to make and compare rates and identify associations.

   The ten investigations are:

Investigation 2-1:   The 2 X 2 Table
Investigation 2-2:   Compared to What?
Investigation 2-3:   What's Wrong with This Picture?
Investigation 2-4:   Backpacks and Back Pain
Investigation 2-5:   Observational Studies
Investigation 2-6:   The Journey
Investigation 2-7:   Epi Team Challenge
Investigation 2-8:   Which Design Is Best?
Investigation 2-9:   Designs, Diagrams, and Tables
Investigation 2-10:   Concept Connections

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