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Module 3

This section of the web site provides the viewer with the information needed to teach the eight investigations that comprise Module 3.

The purpose of these investigations is to teach students to answer the third Essential Question:

Is the association causal?

And, in learning to answer this question, develop the third Enduring Understanding:

Causation is only one explanation for finding an association between an exposure and an outcome. Because observational studies are flawed, other explanations must also be considered.

   The eight investigations are:

Investigation 3-1:   In the News
Investigation 3-2:   Cause
Investigation 3-3:   Chance
Investigation 3-4:   Confounding
Investigation 3-5:   Reversed Time Order
Investigation 3-6:   Selection Bias
Investigation 3-7:   Weighing the Evidence
Investigation 3-8:   Concept Connections

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