Alignment with New Jersey Core Content Curriculum
Standards, Strands, and Cumulative Progress Indicators
(to be completed by the end of Grade 8)

Investigation 4-2
Acceptable Risk

Synopsis:  Students are introduced to the concept of "acceptability of risk," a term used to characterize the degree to which an individual or society is willing to tolerate the existence of an exposure that poses danger.  Each student lists three activities he/she thinks are risky but would still do and three other activities he/she thinks are risky and would not do.  Students realize it is possible for the same activity to be on both lists.  Students are then challenged to identify what it is about a particular risk that makes it acceptable or unacceptable and begin to develop a list of considerations that help them make judgments about the acceptability of risk.

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Standard 5.1: Scientific Processes

All students will develop problem-solving, decision-making, and inquiry skills, reflected by formulating usable questions and hypotheses, planning experiments, conducting systematic observations, interpreting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and communicating results.

Strand A: Habits of Mind

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Standard 2.1: Wellness

All students will learn and apply health promotion concepts and skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Strand A: Personal Health
Strand E: Safety
Strand F: Social and Emotional Health
Standard 2.2: Integrated Skills

All students will use health-enhancing personal, interpersonal, and life skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Strand B: Decision-Making
Strand C: Planning and Goal Setting
Strand E: Leadership, Advocacy, and Service

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Standard 3.3: Speaking

All students will speak in clear, concise, organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences and purposes.

Strand A: Discussion
Strand B: Questioning (Inquiry) and Contributing
Standard 3.4: Listening

All students will listen actively to information from a variety of sources in a variety of situations.

Strand A: Active Listening
Strand B: Listening Comprehension

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Standard 9.2: Consumer, Family, and Life Skills

All students will demonstrate critical life skills in order to be functional members of society.

Strand A: Critical Thinking
Strand B: Self Management
Strand C: Interpersonal Communication
Strand D: Character Development and Ethics

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