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Hong Kong Professional Development Seminar

June 2004

Fifty teachers attended the Saturday morning Detectives in the Classroom Professional Development Workshop held in Hong Kong on June 5, 2004.  Perhaps they were drawn by their interest in the role that epidemiology might play in controlling the SARS and avian influenza epidemics.  As a result of the workshop, we concluded that Detectives would "travel" very well to Hong Kong.

Photos from the Morning Workshop

Image014 Image016 HO2 HO1
HO3 Image017 Image019 Image021
Image023 HO6 HO7

Note: Click on photos to enlarge.

On the afternoon of the June 5th, we participated in a second event, a seminar for Hong Kong high school students, entitled "The Role of Health Professionals in Disease Control and Prevention."  More than 270 students and teachers attended these presentations.  We presented Investigating an Infection from Eating Hamburger - What a Disease Detective Does based on the 1992-1993 E. coli outbreak in the state of Washington.

Photos from the Afternoon Seminar

Image000 Image007 HO4 Image003
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Note: Click on photos to enlarge.