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Report and Reflection

If you have participated in a Detectives in the Classroom Professional Development Workshop, you have the option of earning additional professional development credits by actually teaching Detectives Investigations in your classes, reflecting on that experience, and sharing those reflections with others by completing a Report and Reflection Form.

You can earn 3 professional development hours for each Detectives Investigation that you teach and for which you complete a Report and Reflection Form.

We have been told by the New Jersey Department of Education's Office of Academic and Professional Standards that this is an appropriate mechanism for you to earn professional development hours provided it is approved by your school district.

We want to recognize the work involved in the most challenging part of the Professional Development Workshop experience, taking what you have learned, adapting it to your unique set of circumstances, actually teaching a Detectives Investigation to your students, and reflecting on the experience.

You can access the Report and Reflection Form by navigating the menu to the left.