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Spanish Translation

The translation of the Detectives in the Classroom curriculum has been carried out by Dr. María José García Vizcaíno.

Dr. García Vizcaíno is currently teaching Translation at Montclair State University (New Jersey) where she is also Director of the Certificate Program in Translation and Interpreting in Spanish. She studied at the University of Granada (Spain) and her Ph.D. dissertation was a contrastive study of politeness strategies in English and Spanish. She has written articles in the fields of Pragmatics, Politeness, Translation, and Code-Switching. Some of her main publications include "Consideraciones sobre la naturaleza y funcionamiento de la cortesía verbal en español peninsular" (Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana), "Funciones pragmáticas de Eso es y Efectivamente en español peninsular" (Spanish in Context), and "Translating Code-Switching in Chicano Fiction" (Translation Studies in the New Millennium). She has also presented numerous papers at international and national conferences. Dr. García Vizcaíno combines her research and teaching with the profession of translation by engaging herself (and many times also her students) in different translation projects such as Detectives in the Classroom.

Dr. García Vizcaíno presented an article about her work with Detectives in the Classroom in the October 2007 issue of Movement News, a publication of the Epidemiology Education Movement.