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List of Educational and other Human Service Agencies for (Volunteer) Work Opportunities in South Asia


Contributed by Joseph Schaller, Nazareth College


(I cannot vouch for all of them, not having had the opportunity to meet the persons in charge, but at least it is a start.)




 Art Protection Society, Gujarat (Kutch dist.; works to preserve and foster traditional art/artists)



 Back to Life, Varanasi, UP (provides basic medical care)

 Little Stars School, Varanasi, UP (volunteer school for street children)

 For further info. contact Andrea Pinkney, E-mail: amp65@columbia.edu


 Buddha's Smile School for Underprivileged Children

 Contact Person: Rajan Saini

 E-mail: humptydumpty_school@yahoo.com


 Cross-Cultural Solutions (volunteer work opp. in Delhi and rural Himalyas)

 47 Potter Avenue

 New Rochelle, NY 

 Ph. (800) 380-4777

 E-mail: info@crossculturalsolutions.org

 Website: www.crossculturalsolutions.org


 Grassroots Institute (Human Development Work in the Himalyan region, H.P.)

 New Delhi, India

 Contact: Avanish Kumar, Training Coordinator

 Phone: +91-9868466401

 Email: grassrootsinstitute@gmail.com

 Fax: +91-11-26936366

 Website: www.grassrootsglobal.net/gi


 Hindi School in Jaipur (affiliated with an NGO that works with Rajasthanís tribal communities)



 Multiple service programs? (e.g. school construction in Rajasthan)

 Contact person: Ashok Malhotra, Prof. of Philosophy, SUNY-Oneonta

 E-mail: malhotak@oneonta.edu    

 Web-site: www.oneonta.edu/ie


 NauJivan, Varanasi, UP (works with leper communities and street children)

 Directors: Dale Mather, E-mail: dalemath@hotmail.com / Dr. Tulsi (local psychologist and social worker)


 School Director: Maxine Berntsen

 PO Box 40

 Satara District

 Phaltan, Maharashtra 415-523


 Tel: 02166-22-586

 School #: 02166-23-324

 Email: maxineberntsen@rediffmail.com


 Vilas and Usha Wagh

 Educational complex for tribal children, prostitutes, etc.

 Pune, Maharashtra

 Contact Eleanor Zelliot at: ezelliot@carleton.edu for further details




 Educate the Children (NGO): Working with the People of Nepal

 P.O. Box 414

 Ithaca, NY  14851

 Ph. (607) 272-1176

 FAX: (607) 275-0932

 E-mail: info@etc-nepal.org

 Website: www.etc-nepal.org


 Nepali Reliance Organization

 Managing Director, Sovita Thapa

 P.O. Box 21925

 Gairidhara, Kathmandu     NEPAL

 Website: www.nepalreliance.org

 Note: female run NGO that focuses on: (1) child education, (2) public health, (3) economic self-empowerment


 Teacher and Administrator of Orphanage - Nepal

 Children's Welfare Home (CWH) Contact Information: Jaya Ram Tamata

 Phone: 00977-1-534649

 Email: childwh@wlink.com.np

 Website: www.childwh.org




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Revised: July 30, 2007