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Contributed by Pankaj Jain, University of North Texas.



Sanskrit Universities

Academy of Sanskrit Research
Located in Melkote

French Institute, Pondicherry

General Listing of Indian Universities
Links to various Indian universities

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts

Institute of Asian Studies
Located in Chennai

Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages
Pune University

Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit, Pune



El Colegio de Mexico 

Center for Asian and African Studies

Brown University

Classics Department


California Institute of Integral Studies

Asian and Comparative Studies  


Case Western University 

Department of Religious Studies  


Columbia University 

Dept of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures   


Concordia University, Canada
Classics Department   


Cornell University

South Asia Program   


Emory University 

Language Center   


John Hopkins University 

Language Teaching Center


Harvard University
Sanskrit and Indian Studies


Indiana University
India Studies   


Loyola Marymount University
Yoga Studies 


McGill University, Canada
Religious Studies Department   


McMaster University, Canada
Religious Studies Department


Ohio State University   


Rutgers University  

South Asian Studies Program   


SUNY at Buffalo 

Department of Classics 


SUNY at Stony Brook 

Department of Asian and Asian American Studies   


Universidade de Sao Paulo

Departamento de Letras Classicas e Vernaculas   


University of Alabama 

Critical Languages Center   


University of British Columbia, Canada  

Centre for India and South Asian Research


University of Calgary, Canada
Philosophy Department


University of California at Santa Barbara 

Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies


University of California at Berkeley
South and Southeast Asian Studies


University of Chicago
Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations


University of Colorado at Boulder  (In conjunction with Naropa University)  

Department of Religious Studies   


University of Florida 

Center for the study of Hindu Traditions   


University of Hawaii  

Center for South Asian Studies   


University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne 

Department of Linguistics   


University of Iowa  

Department of Asian Languages and Literature


University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Asian Languages and Cultures


University of North Texas
Philosophy and Religious Studies


University of Pennsylvania
Department of South Asia Studies


University of Pittsburgh
Indo-Pacific Council


University of Rochester
Department of Religion and Classics


University of Saskatchewan
Religious Studies


University of South Florida
Religious Studies


University of Texas at Austin
Asian Studies


University of Toronto 

Faculty of Arts and Sciences


University of Virginia
Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures


University of Wasington in Seattle
Department of Asian Languages and Literature


University of Wisconsin at Madison
Languages and Cultures of Asia


Washington and Lee University 

Department of Religion


Yale University  

Department of Linguistics




Australian National University (in conjunction with Sydney University)
South Asia Centre

La Trobe University
Asian Studies

University of Queensland Centre for Buddhist Studies   

University of Sydney
Indian Studies





Vienna University
Institut für Südasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde Universitat Wien (ISTB)
Institut für Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens


Gent University

Louvain University 

Oriental Institute


University of Copenhagen
Asian Studies


University of Helsinki

Institute for Asian and African Studies


Université Paris (Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Université de Lyon

Université de Lille

Université de Provence

Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes




German Indology Website

Berlin (Freie Universität)
Indian Studies

Bonn University
Indian Studies

Freiburg University
Oriental Studies

Göttingen University
Indian and Buddhist Studies

Halle University
Indological Studies

Hamburg University
Indian and Tibetan Studies

Heidelberg University
Classical Indian Studies

Kiel University

Köln University
Indology and Tamil Studies

Leipzig University

Mainz University

Marburg University

München University

Münster University

Tübingen University
Indian Studies/ Comparative Religion

Würzburg University

Great Britain

Cambridge University
Oriental Studies

Edinburgh University
Asian Studies

London University
Oriental & African Studies

Oxford University
Oriental Studies


University of Bologna
Oriental Studies

University of Rome
Oriental Studies

State University, Milan

Catholic University, Milan

University of Venice

University of Bologna

University of Pisa

University of Rome

University of Naples

University of Cagliari

University of Florence

University of Palermo

University of Turin

The Netherlands

Groningen University
Institute for the Institute of Indian Studies

Leiden University
Kern Institute, Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies


Oslo University
Oriental Studies


Moscow State University
Institute of Asian and African Studies


Stockholm University

Uppsala University


Lausanne University
Indian Studies

Zürich University
Indian Studies



Middle/Near-East Asia

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 

Institute of Asian and African Studies   


Tel-Aviv University, Israel 

East Asian Studies Department   


Indian School, Oman 

Department of Sanskrit




Beijing University 

Center for Indian Studies


Kyoto University, Japan
Department of Indology


And over 40 more universities across Japan…

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand


Mahidol University, Thailand 

Buddhist Studies, Department of Humanities

MA Program in Indian Studies


Silpakorn University, Thailand 

Sanskrit Study Centre   



Summer Courses

University of Chicago (Second Year Sanskrit)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Center for South Asia (SASLSI: First Year Sanskrit)

American Institute of Indian Studies
Sanskrit in Pune, India



Tools and Materials for Home-Study

The American Sanskrit Institute
A non-academic institution offering weekend and residential immersion courses

California Institute of Integral Studies
Lectures, workshops, and trainings by the many Eastern and Western teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Devanagari Script
Learn the Devanagari script used for writing Hindi and Sanskrit.

Hindu University of America

Intelligent Internet Ready Languages
Version 2 uses Indian languages to exchange e-mail and fax messages, present web pages, and perform desktop publishing.

Mailing List to Learn Sanskrit  
A mailing list called "sanskrit" to assist in the learning of Sanskrit through simple sentences.

Samskrita Bharati
Speak Sanskrit Movement.

Web-based Sanskrit learning site.

Sanskrit Declensions (Site in German)

Sanskrit Documents

Sanskrit Grammarian
Declension site run by Gérard Huet.

Sanskrit Library
Maintained by Peter M. Scharf, Brown University.

Sanskrit on the Radio
Within its Hindi Programme Deutsche Welle opens fortnightly a very special window: the Sanskrit-Programme.

Sanskrit Tutor
Sanskrit Tutor is based on the Level 1 Sanskrit course taught by Dr. Sarasvati Mohan of the Sanskrit Academy.

Sanskrit Word Declensions
This is a set of qdatr files used for forming Sanskrit word declensions.

The Titus Project


(Adapted and expanded from Dr. Gudrun Buhnemann’s website at University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Dr. Jain's version of this page has been mentioned in Times of India, Hindustan Times and several other Indian newspapers. It has also been added to Sanskrit page at Wikipedia.


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Revised: April 04, 2011