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The RISA Steering Committee


RISA is the Religion in South Asia Section of the American Academy of Religion.   The activities of RISA, including the annual meeting programs and the RISA-L email list, are supervised by a Steering Committee. 

Current members of the RISA Steering Committee are:

Don Davis, co-chair
University of Wisconsin-Madison

drdavis @ wisc.edu

Whitney Kelting, co-chair
Northeastern University

M.Kelting @ neu.edu

Ginni Ishimatsu
University of Denver

gishimat @ du.edu


Karline McLain

Bucknell University

kmclain @ bucknell.edu

Andy Rotman
Smith College

arotman @ email.smith.edu

Deepak Sarma
Case Western Reserve University

deepak.sarma @ case.edu


Sufia Uddin
Connecticut College

suddin @ conncoll.edu


The terms of the current Steering Committee members expire in November, 2010.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding RISA or its activities is invited to contact members of the RISA-L Steering Committee. (For questions or comments regarding the RISA-L email list, please contact members of the RISA-L Advisory Committee below.)


The RISA-L Advisory Committee

Policy (and any disciplinary) decisions pertaining to the list will be taken by this Advisory Committee, in consultation with the RISA Steering Committee. This committee currently consists of

  • Steering Committee members

  • , founding manager of RISA-L (retired)

  • Christian P. Haskett, current manger of RISA-L, Religion Program, Centre College


NB The Steering Committee has determined that the RISA-L manager's term of service and rotation should be defined and formalized. With this end in view, Dr. Deepak Sarma's and the RISA-L Advisory Committee's appointment will be an interim one, expiring on the December 31st following the election of the next Steering Committee. It will be the responsibility of the new Steering Committee to select a new RISA-L manager (or co-managers) and advisory committee, who will then serve a three year term.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding the RISA-L email list is invited to contact members of the RISA-L Advisory Committee.


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Revised: March 12, 2013