2010 - 2011

Fall 2010

September 1: Opening Day - RED HAWK DAY (No Classes)

September 2: First Day of Classes (Friday, September 10, for Friday evening and weekend classes)

September 6: Labor Day Holiday (No Classes)

November 25-28: Thanksgiving Holiday (No Classes)

December 13: Last Day of Classes (Sunday, December 12, for Friday evening and weekend classes)

December 14-20: Examination period

December 20: End of semester

Winter 2010-2011

December 21: First Day of Classes

January 3: First Day of In-Person Component for Hybrid Courses

January 14: Last Day of Classes


Spring 2011

January 17: Martin Luther King Holiday (No Classes)

January 18: First Day of Classes

March 14-20: Spring Recess (No Classes)

April 22-24: Easter Holiday (No Classes)

May 3: Tuesday designated as a Friday (for Friday day classes only; Tuesday day and evening classes do not meet)

May 3: Last Day of Classes

May 4: Reading Day

May 5-11: Examination period

May 11: End of semester

May 20: Commencement

Summer 2011

May 16-June 2: 1st 3 Week Session (Three weeks; no Friday Classes; 11 sessions)

May 16-June 9: 1st 4 Week Session (Four weeks; no Friday Classes; 15 sessions)

May 16-August 6: Twelve Week Session (No Friday Classes; no class 5/28, 5/30, 7/2, 7/4; 10 Saturday classes)

May 23-June 30: 1st Six Week Session; No Friday Classes

May 30: Memorial Day (No Classes)

June 13-July 7: Four-Week Session (No Friday Classes)

June 13-August 4: Eight-Week Session (No Friday Classes)

July 4: Independence Day Holiday (No Classes)

July 5-August 11: Six-Week Session (No Friday Classes)

July 11-August 4: 3rd Four-Week Session (No Friday Classes)

August 8-25: August 3 Week Session (No Friday Classes; 12 Sessions)