University Teaching and Learning Showcase

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5th Annual University Learning and Teaching Showcase - May 2, 2014

Featuring key note speaker

Dr. Daniel Barbezat, Professor of Economics, Amherst College;

Executive Director, The Center for the Contemplative Mind in Society.

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2014 5th Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase Schedule

The Research Academy for University Learning, with the support of the Office of the Provost and co-sponsored by the Creative Research Center, is proud to announce that registration is now open for the 5th Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase. Please browse through the day-long offering of workshops, exhibits, networking opportunities, and be sure to sign up now to reserve your seat for our featured speaker, Dr. Daniel Barbezat, Professor of Economics, Amherst College.

The Research Academy is extremely proud of and grateful to all the Montclair State faculty and staff who will be presenting sessions and otherwise contributing to this once-a-year faculty development event.

5th Annual University Showcase Schedule of Sessions (2014 Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase (pdf).)

8:30AM - Sign-In, Breakfast, and Opening (University Conference Center, 7th Floor University Hall)

9:05AM - Morning Sessions A, B, C, D, and E (various locations, see program titles and abstracts here: )

10:10AM - Catered break and Poster Session #1 (University Conference Center, 7th Floor University Hall)

10:45AM - Keynote Presentation: "Mindful Teaching and Learning: From the Individual to the Whole" (see talk description below)

Dr. Daniel Barbezat, Amherst CollegeDescription: How can teachers foster inquiry about how meaning is lived out in the world?   What part do we play - teachers, students, campus community members - in generating a sense of concern for the world around us and for contributing to a more cohesive and engaged university environment? Can a contemplative approach to pedagogy enable us to reach beyond our classroom walls to cultivate social awareness, compassion, and community?

Dr. Daniel Barbezat, president of the Center for the Contemplative Mind in Society, and Professor of Economics, Amherst College, will discuss how educators and members of a campus community can enrich a student's total higher education experience by integrating coursework that develops intra-personal awareness that enables interpersonal awareness. We will reach beyond the classroom, consider how to cultivate a contemplative approach to creative thinking, critical thinking, and course work to connect students' inner worlds with the world around them. This talk will focus on creating community both within the classroom and without, by considering a mindful approach that emphasizes contemplative practice and compassion for ourselves and our world.

12:15PM - Physics & Art Photo Exhibit and Awards ---- Lunch (University Conference Center, 7th Floor University Hall):

  • The Research Academy is proud to announce the partnership and inclusion of the Physics & Art Student Photo Competition.
  • The Contest: For the third year in a row, student finalist entries for the Physics & Arts Photography Contest will be exhibited and a winner awarded at the 5th Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase on May 2, 2014. Finalist submissions will be on display and awards handed out for the top three winners. 

1:20PM - Afternoon Sessions A, B, C, D, and E (various locations, see program titles and abstracts here:)

2:25PM - Catered Break and Poster Sesssion #2 (University Conference Center, 7th Floor University Hall) --- please note that all door prizes and raffle awards will be handed out during this break and session. This year, the Research Academy will be awarding:

3:00PM - Afternoon Sessions A, B, C, D, and E (various locations, see program titles and abstracts here:)

Register Now! Space in each session is limited. We highly recommend that you pre-register and reserve your seat in advance:

Please contact the Research Academy at 973-655-3276 or by emailing to learn more about this teaching and learning event. Please check back often as we update this web page with new and exciting information about the Annual Showcase.

Speaker Bio:

Daniel P. Barbezat, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics, Amherst College
Daniel P. Barbezat is Professor of Economics at Amherst College. He has been a visiting professor at Northwestern University and Yale University and has taught in the summer program at Harvard University. In 2004, he won the J. T. Hughes Prize for Excellence in Teaching Economic History from the Economic History Association.

Over the past decade, he has become interested in how self-awareness and introspection can be used in post-secondary education, economic decision-making and creating and sustaining well-being. With the support of a Contemplative Practice Fellowship in 2008, he has developed courses that integrate contemplative exercises designed to enable students to gain deeper understanding and insight. His approach to these economic classes has been featured in the Boston Globe, the U.S. News & World Report, as well as on the NPR program “Here & Now.”

Dr. Barbezat has worked with the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society–the national hub for contemplative teaching and learning, committed to the positive transformation of the higher education system by supporting the use of contemplative/introspective practices to create engaged learning environments–as a Board Member, Treasurer and Associate Director of the Academic Program since 2009. In 2012, he became the Executive Director of the Center. He has lectured and led workshops on contemplative learning and pedagogy throughout the United States and Canada and is actively working to expand and deepen the Center’s programs, making its work more accessible and transformative for all.

Along with his experimental research on choice and awareness, he is currently editing a group of papers on examples of contemplative pedagogy across the disciplines with Arthur Zajonc to be published by Routledge, and writing (and thinking, thinking, thinking about…) a book entitled Wanting. His latest book (co-written with Mirabai Bush), Contemplative Practices in Higher Education: Powerful Methods to Transform Teaching and Learning, was released by Jossey-Bass in October 2013.

The 2013 University Teaching and Learning Showcase Materials and Resources are now available. Click here to access handouts, Powerpoint presentations, and to read a lively narrative of the day's events composed by The Creative Research Center's own Dr. Neil Baldwin, official rapporteur of the Showcase, Director of the CRC, and Professor of Theatre and Dance. Read "A Day in the Life" now:

Last year's event highlights and presentations:

4th Annual University Learning and Teaching Showcase - May 3, 2013

The Research Academy is pleased to announce that Dr. Susan Ambrose, Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning, Professor of Education, Northeastern University, will present as Keynote Speaker for the 4th Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase.

Title of Talk: Effective Teaching? It's All About Understanding How Learning Works

There is a plethora of research about how students learn, information that can help us design more effective courses, educational materials, and classroom pedagogy.However, it is a relatively recent phenomenon that this research has found its way into college and university education. In this session we will focus on seven principles that impact learning, and discuss how we as teachers can more effectively influence the learning process.

Exhibitions, Guest Artists, Speakers, and Workshops

The Research Academy is proud to announce the partnership and inclusion of the Physics & Art Student Photo Competition, as well as the following line up of workshops and presentations exploring the intersection of art and science:

The Contest: For the second year in a row, student finalist entries for the Physics & Arts Photography Contest will be exhibited and a winner awarded at the 4th Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase on May 3, 2013. In addition to the Photo contest, which is now accepting submissions, project coordinators Dr. Ashwin Vaidya, Physics, Dr. Mika Munakata, Mathematics, and artist-in-residence Anuj Vaidya will facilitate and lead workshops and conference exhibitions that demonstrate their collaborations with students using creative and innovative ideas and design, and that focus on the theme of energy sustainability and alternative energy sources.

The Workshops: Dr. Vaidya and Anuj Vaidya will talk about the pedagogy of integrating creative thinking and interdisciplinary approaches to this project - a fusion of artistic concepts and physical science - and, along with participating students, will lead workshops and discussions featuring the work of the students. Dr. Vaidya's students will demonstrate the functionality of their various art/science projects throughout the day at various exhibition booths set up in the main conference space, University Hall Seventh Floor Conference Center. These projects will serve to highlight both the intersection of art and science as conduits to creative and diverse conceptual development in the classroom, as well as the positive influence and effect of art and science as models of disciplinary and academic instructional collaborations. As well as artist Anuj Vaidya, Dr. Vaidya worked in collaboration with Dr. Mika Munakata, Mathematical Science, Dr. Alex Lykidis, Film Studies, and Dr. Joanna Madloch, Classics & General Humanities to bring together students and art pieces from film, the sciences, and the humanities with the goal of showing the intersection of science and art as a pedagogical tool and as a means to inspire creativity in the classroom.

The Project: The physics and film students collaborated in the past year to build a hand-crank video camera, document their process, and submit their final product as a project in their respective courses.

Visual Elements: Guest speaker Felice Frankel will lead one of the sessions with a discussion on the visual elements of science and how scientists can leverage technology for visual and rhetorical impact when presenting their work. Her lecture will be based on her new book, Visual Strategies: A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists and Engineers (Yale U.P, 2012).

Speaker Bio: Dr. Susan Ambrose, Professor of Education and Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, earned her Doctorate of Arts in history from Carnegie Mellon University, and served as Associate Provost for Education, Director of the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence, and a Teaching Professor in the Department of History at Carnegie Mellon before joining Northeastern in August 2012. She is an internationally recognized expert in college-level teaching and learning, and has conducted workshops and seminars for faculty and administrators throughout the United States and around the world. She is credited with building the international reputation of CMU’s Eberly Center as a center that translates research to practice in the design of curricula, courses and educational experiences for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Ambrose is co-author of four books, most recently How Learning Works: Seven Research-based Principles for Smart Teaching (Jossey-Bass, 2010), which has been widely praised for integrating fundamental research in the cognitive sciences and practical application.

For more information on Dr. Ambrose, please visit:

The Creative Research Center in the College of the Arts at Montclair State University cover the Fourth Annual Showcase on Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Neil Baldwin,, Professor, Theatre & Dance, and Director of the CRC, will serve as rapporteur for the day's proceedings; his essay will be published in mid-May 2013 at