Financing your Education

Estimated Costs of Attendance for the full year 2014-2015

 In-StateOut of State

Tuition + Fees

$11,540 $20,253.90

Average Room
+ Board Costs

$5,868-$11,188 $5,868-$11,188
Total $22,728 $31,441.90








For more information about the cost of attendance including a breakdown of tuition and fees, or to review payment plan options, please visit the Office of Student Accounts web page.

Montclair State University offers many options to help you finance your education, including payment plans and financial aid packages; over 70% of Montclair State students receive some form of financial aid.

To contact someone in the Office of Financial aid or learn more about the process, please visit the Office of Financial Aid website.

Admissions Merit Scholarships: (applied for at the time of applying for freshman admission)

All applicants for merit scholarships are reviewed using a holistic review process.  This review considers high school GPA, the rigor of each student’s academic coursework, standardized test scores (if submitted), teacher/counselor letters of recommendation, an essay or graded writing sample, proven leadership ability, and a commitment to community service and civic responsibility.  Though there is no minimum GPA or SAT requirement for merit scholarship eligibility, successful recipients typically possess a 3.5 or higher GPA in an academically rigorous curriculum. If you are interested in being considered for merit scholarship, please complete this survey in addition to your admissions application.

How to Complete the FAFSA

An easy to follow walk through of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) presented by