Overnight Experience

The Montclair State University Overnight Experience program will provide prospective students the opportunity to stay as a guest overnight in a residence hall with a current student to gain a better understanding of living on campus at Montclair State University.

After completing the Overnight Experience inquiry form, students will build a custom schedule including an overview of campus from the student host, dinner on campus, a meet and greet with other Overnight Experience attendees, and opportunities to attend a morning class as well as speak with faculty and Admissions representatives.

Use the tour schedule to check availability and sign up to spend a night at Montclair State!

When dropping off a student for the Overnight Experience, parents and families can make the most of their visit by taking advantage of other opportunities in the local area.

For more information or questions about the Overnight Experience program, contact Brian Sansom.

Partner with Montclair State University


Montclair State University is collecting school supplies such as:

pens, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, notebooks, backpacks, erasers, binders, etc.

The Kids in Need Foundation is a national charitable organization whose mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need. These school supplies are distributed to students and teachers through a nation-wide network of resource centers, including Tools 4 Schools in Newark, New Jersey. Montclair State University has chosen to partner with the Kids in Need Foundation in order to help children on a path towards higher education.