Why Montclair State

The Montclair State Advantage

The Montclair State Advantage is about not having to pick and choose among schools that can satisfy a few of the most important factors in your college search. It’s the knowledge that everything you could ever want in your educational experience is available to you in a beautiful setting, at a perfect location, with a great return on your investment.

The Montclair State Advantage is about a community, a family and a fresh perspective. It’s about passion, curiosity and scholarship. We’re not looking for just any student, because we’re not just any college; and we know that what we’re offering transcends academics. It’s a transformative experience. It’s a life-changing journey. It’s The Montclair State Advantage.

The Montclair State Advantage is that we’re always on the cutting edge of new developments in education and technology. Here, you can experience dynamic, cross-platform pedagogical techniques that make use of the latest state-of-the-art online, hybrid and cloud-based technologies to enhance and update the traditional educational experience.

The Montclair State Advantage is our unique blend of prominent location, extensive alumni networks, a vibrant campus community and an excellent academic reputation.