The Five O'Clock Club

Montclair State University has arranged for you to have a FREE lifetime membership in The Five O’Clock Club.

The Five O'Clock Club is recognized as an authority on job search and career management issues.

The Office of Alumni Relations has arranged for you to have free basic membership ($49) and a 10 percent discount on the Insider Coaching Program. USE PROMO CODE: Montclair2015.

For your free lifetime membership, just click on this link. Fill out the form and be sure to enter Montclair State University as the organization that referred you. 

As a Five O’Clock Club Member, you will get:

  • A LIFETIME subscription to The Five O’Clock News, filled with information on career development and job-search techniques.
  • LIFETIME access to the Members Only section of our website, including all of our worksheets, a free copy of How to Use Social Media to Advance Your Career and a free copy of our 111-page bibliography of career and job-search resources.
  • Access to reasonably priced weekly seminars featuring individualized attention to your specific needs in small-group strategy sessions supervised by our senior coaches.
  • Access to reasonably priced one-on-one coaching (rates vary).
Benefits are subject to change over time without notice.