EOF Alumni Network

The Educational Opportunity Fund Program is dedicated to recruiting and enrolling a highly motivated ethnically diverse community of scholars. We engage our students in curricular/co-curricular experiences in preparation for productive careers, advance degrees, active alumni status, and lifelong learning. We utilize proven theories, best practices, and empirical data in the delivery of optimal intellectual and social student growth initiatives. We believe the EOF advantage makes the difference and statewide the program has produced thousands of proud EOF alumni!

Alumni interested in getting involved with EOF as a mentor, volunteer, or in other ways please contact Stacy Albanese, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, at 973-655-5465 or albaneses@mail.montclair.edu or Delores McMorrin, EOF Programs, at 973-655-7347 or mcmorrind@mail.montclair.edu

Montclair State University's Educational Opportunity Fund Program provides access for motivated state residents from underrepresented populations/areas that meet the income criteria and exhibit the potential for high achievement.

The EOF Program provides quality academic support, leadership development, financial literacy, career enrichment, intentional counseling/advisement, and need based financial assistance to maximize the intellectual and social growth of all participants. The EOF community fully engages scholars in curricular and co-curricular experiences ultimately producing active alumni dedicated to lifelong learning and global citizenship.

EOF Alumni help provide a critical support network for current students by speaking with students, serving as mentors, and demonstrating the path to success beyond Montclair State. Alumni of the program are invited to get involved by signing on to MONTCLAIRconnect, the online community.

If you are a graduate of the EOF program, please take a few moments to complete our brief survey.