"There are many positive things that can be said about Irene Douma’s impact to the University, School of Business and the Department of Accounting, Law and Taxation. Before I enumerate some of them below, I would like to state that as department chair; I was fortunate to have Irene’s wisdom and input on a daily basis. I have known her since 1978 when I started at Montclair State and from then until now, she has always been there for me through tenure, promotions, and helping to make the Department of Accounting, Law and Taxation and its programs one of the best not only in the university, but the state. Below is a quick overview of some of the positive things her impact has achieved.

Irene influenced thousands of accounting students over four decades of both teaching in the classroom and advising students outside the classroom. She was the advising coordinator for the department for most of her tenure. Irene also developed new courses and was instrumental in revising existing courses in both our undergraduate and graduate programs. Most notably is her efforts in helping the department develop our new BS in accounting program which was effective for Fall 2012. She also served on many committees over her tenure at the Department, School and University level. Dr. Douma was on many professional committees for the New Jersey Society of CPAs, the Institute of Management Accountants, and the Financial Executives Institute. This served a twofold purpose over her tenure.  First, she brought real world professional experience into the classroom and our programs. Second, the contacts she made over the years which included alumni were extremely instrumental in the hiring process for our students." -Frank J. Aquilino, Chairperson, Accounting, Law and Taxation

"Without any reservation Irene would tell you like it is and leave you thoroughly educated." - Roger Salomon '04 MBA, Director, Instructional Services & Technology

"Thank you for your priceless mentoring!" - James A. DiGabriele, Associate Accounting Professor

"Sending Christmas cards to us years after we graduated..." - A favorite memory from Josephine Matala '99

"I did not leave a lasting impression on professor Douma, but she did on me!" - Robert A. Bonavito '84, CPA, MBA, PFS, CVA, ABV, CFF, CFE, CMGA, President, RAB CPA

"Her passion for her students and their potential to learn was unmatched among her peers." -Henry Keizer '78, Retired KPMG Deputy Chairperson/COO.

"I had Irene Douma in her very first year of teaching in the early 1970's. Being the kind of student who needed to be challenged and Irene being a "rookie" teacher, I distinctly remember "testing her" to determine how she reacted and how far I could push her. I found out immediately that she did not bend and was tough as nails. I admired that trait in her and to this day, I think about and use various lessons that she so firmly communicated to me four decades ago.
The one primary lesson that I remember Irene drilling into our young minds was the overriding importance of always doing the right thing and the challenges we would face in the business world from compromising ethics. As I reflect back, Irene was ahead of her time and as CPA's, we are now required to take ethics classes. For this lesson, I am grateful for the guidance she provided since I often thought about Irene's advice regarding ethics throughout my own business career.
I want to wish Irene a long and healthy retirement!" - Sam Soroko '75, Controller, Water Works Supply Co.

"I just remember Dr. Douma setting the tone for the more advanced accounting courses that I completed at Montclair State.  She really preached accountability, effort and responsibility as keys to success and demanded those in her classroom." -Ellan Ben-Hayon '96, Chief Fianancial Officer, Irving Place Capital

"Intermediate Accounting with Dr. Douma was very challenging - but the course that continued to fuel my passion for accounting.  The main project for the year was a full analysis and comparison of Pepsi and Coke. I learned a lot!" -Melissa Sacchiero '98, Director of Finance, BASF Corporation

"I have seen her grade her students' papers where she has written more sentences in giving feedback to the students than the students have written in the paper!" -Ramesh Narasimhan, Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Law & Taxation

"What I remember most about Dr. Douma was her ccommitment to her students and her passion for seeing her students succeed!" -Michele Geist '83, Director, EY

"Subsequent to graduating and entering the profession, I enjoyed our conversations after we completed our on-campus interviews for my firm.  I was impressed how much she knew about her students as well as the key industry issues." -- Michael D. Smith '95, Partner, KMPG

"Professor Douma was instrumental in helping me get on track and started on my career in public accounting.  This is many years ago and I know that Professor Douma has had an immense impact on many Montclair State students." -- Steven Nasto '75, Senior Director North America, Maersk

"As an Advanced Accounting in 1979, I fondly recall the high standards set by Professor Douma both academically and personally.  She encouraged women entering the profession to express themselves with confidence." -- Kathie Grosso '80

"Dr. Douma "tossed" my first Advanced Accounting exam back at me - a 65 - and said "If you ever hand in a piece of ___ like this again you are out of my class!".  Let it be said I got an "A" in the class!!!" -- Dave Cornish '83, Sr. Vice President/Deputy Controller, Business Advisory/Governance, AMEX

"Dr. Douma was the first professor in my college career to tell me I was a talented student with great potential - she inspired me to work hard and use the fullest of my abilities, which ultimately resulted in my graduating as SBUS Valedictorian." -- Maj Kristensen '13, Research Manager, Phoenix Marketing International

"It would take too long!!!" -- Susan Husted '10, Accountant, Veritas Healthcare Management

"Dr. Douma's classes were always challenging.   She strove to make her students think about the practical applications of our lessons and challenged us to always do our best.  She prepared me well for my career in accounting." -- Patricia Fell '03 '13 MBA Assistant Controller, Stone Industries, Inc.

"I can never forget the video of Crazy Eddie and Sam Antar, his cousin the accountant. It was a film about greed,fraud,deception, bribery and misrepresentation of accounting records.This came up during our Auditing class with professor Douma" -- Nji A. Ban '09, Network Technician, Verizon Communications

"My senior year, I had a bad case of influenza, I was bedridden for 3 weeks in the spring semester.   I remember she was so patient with me and allowed me whatever I needed to get through the class and graduate on time.  She was very tough but very fair." -- James Setteducato '93, Division Director, Robert Half International

"Those very special "catch-up" classes held for those in the Accounting Internship program!" -- Jeanne Markey '78, Director Global Management Reporting and Budgeting, Lazard

"Dr. Douma: You are one of the few professors I recall making a personal investment of time and effort to make sure I was on the right track with my education.  Thank you for making the effort and for being an inspiration to me." -- Sean Gogerty '86, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

"Dr. Douma taught us professionalism, integrity and respect. Montclair State students interviewing at the Big 4 had instant credibility when they learned we were taught by Dr. Douma." -- Adam Roth ’06, Manager, PwC

"Dr. Douma was my college advisor and she is the reason I came back for MBA to Montclair State. After my graduation she became my life time advisor." -- Oleg Kaplun ’06, Property Financial Analyst Vornado Realty Trust

"I remember preparing nervously for the oral presentation each student did in front of the class... My project was to explain what "fairly presented" means.  I think she almost fainted when I said it was similar to a "fair sky" in a weather report.  All turned out well and I received an A on the presentation." -- Ed Lazor '76, Partner, Private Equity Group at KPMG LLP

"Dr. Douma, Happy retirement." -Shang-Hsun Tsai ‘13

"Irene, To one of my favorites!  You are the best!  Wishing you a long, happy and healthy!"  -Denise DeBlasio, Registrar

"Irene, wish I had half your energy and a quarter of your dedication.  Have fun in your retirement." -Ramesh Narasimhan

"Dr. Douma, will never forget Auditing class, September 2011 when you apologized for not knowing the gravity of 911.  Also, to be a part of the first audit class that “audited” the Red Hawk Diner." -David Grant ‘02

"Dear Professor Douma, wishing you all the best." -Kristina Grosso

"Irene, Have a wonderful retirement." -Dave Cornish ‘83

"Dr. Douma, All the best. Your caring, drive and brutal honesty has made a big difference in a lot of lives.  You will be missed"  -Mark Sodano ‘98

"Irene, Happy Retirement. Miss you." -Dr. Wing Poon, Associate Professor Accounting, Law & Taxation

"Irene, It has been a pleasure to be your student and to work with you to help the students at Montclair State. I look forward to staying in touch. All my best." -Melissa Sacchiero ‘98

"Dr. Douma, Thank you for teaching me to love accounting and being such a positive role model. Best wishes." -Robyn Chiesa Trani ‘88

"Irene, Thanks for all the encouragement you offered.  You are a great example of an excellent educator. Best wishes in retirement."  -Anne Mary and Dr. Leo McMenimen (Retired Professor, Accounting,  Law & Taxation)

"Irene, Wow can’t believe 40 years for  me and I was one of those early students – Fall of 1974! Best wishes for fun in your well-deserved retirement." -Eileen Miele ‘75

"Dr. Douma, Wish you all the best in the years to come. Enjoy your travels!" -James Setteducato  ‘93

"Dr. Douma, Thanks for challenging me and making me do my very best. Wishing you health and happiness in your future." -Debbie  Sloan ‘88

"Irene, Wishing you all the best as you enter the next phase of life. Thanks for your passion and commitment to Montclair State, its students and the accounting profession."-Ralph Thomas, CEO, NJ Society of CPAs

"Dr. Douma, Congratulations on a tremendous career, Sincerely," -Paul Lemchak ‘86

"Dr. Douma, Congratulations on a wonderful career. Have a happy and healthy retirement." -Michael Triano ‘11

"Dr. Douma, Congratulations and thank you for your contribution to Montclair State’s Accounting Program." -Joseph Pasquino ‘11

"Dear Dr. Douma, Thank you for being a great professor and congratulations!" -Alicja Delag ‘00

"To Irene, I wish you well in all of your future endeavors. I know that you will be very busy with things on your bucket list.  Congratulations and thank you for all of your help and contribution to the ACT Department and me personally." -Dr. Agatha Jeffers, Professor, Accounting Law & Taxation

"To Irene, All the best in your future endeavors. Thanks so much for all you taught me in audit class. You were a great professor and one of a kind!" -Rosa Scaturro  ‘06

"Dear Dr. D., Thanks for always keeping me on my toes!  Your questions were always the best and made me think!  I enjoyed every moment of working with you.  Love always." -Maureen Branca, Director of Advising, School of Business

"Irene, Best wishes. Thank you for being a role model ~ work hard, establish expectations, a winning model.  Enjoy your retirement knowing the extensive legacy of your students." -Carol Purcell ‘80

"Dr. Douma, I wish you all the best in your retirement.  May you relax, enjoy time with family and friends and find peace in this new chapter of your life. You are a wonderful teacher who challenged your students to do their best. You gave us a strong foundation in our accounting careers. Best wishes." -Patricia Fell ‘03

"Dr. Douma, You have left a very special and meaningful imprint on my educational experience. I will always remember the lessors you taught us in class, not only Audit related but also life lessons that will forever be remembered by your students. Thank you for being such a great educator. I couldn’t have asked for a better Audit teacher. Best of wishes on your future endeavors! Sincerely," -Disnalda Vargas ‘09

"Irene, You will always be one of our favorites! Happy and healthy retirement. Love, Dianne Rivetti PS: Will especially think of you at Christmas!

"Irene, From BDID (Before Dr. Irene Douma). You will always be connected. Best wishes in Phase II!" -Paul Stahlin ‘74

"Dr. Douma, Thank you! Lasting memories and a lasting legacy. We are truly grateful." -Adam Roth ‘06

"Dr. Douma, You were the best advisor and the toughest teacher. You are always in my heart. Your Russian son," -Oleg Kaplun ‘06

"Dear Irene, We can never fully thank you for all you have done for us professionally and personally. May you enjoy retirement and continue to add enormous value to those you touch." -Wendy & Henry Keizer ‘78

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