Membership List


Gamma Delta Chi Membership List (1966-1971)

This list of Gamma Delta Chi members was compiled provided by fellow Gamma Delta Chi alumni and/or were pulled from Montclair State yearbooks (1966-1971). Years listed are Montclair State graduation years.

Robert E. Ashwell '70
William B Barlics '72
Stephen Jon Batich '69
Thomas P. Becker '66
Beekman Terhune “Terry” Beebe '66
Frederick W. Bishop '70
William R. Bray '68
Louis F. Broccoletti '70
Anthony F. Cedola '70
Michael W. Cleary '69
John William Cole '69
DavidA. Cornelisse'72
Steven M. Costic '68
Richard E. Crosby '67
James Cummings '70
James F. Devine '73
Erik Philip Engel '67
Kurt E. Epps '69
Lawrence V. Ercolino '68
Terry Foerster '70
MyronJ. Fouratt '69
Alan R. Friedman '70
Allan Gardner '73
Edward R. Giblock '73
Joseph Paul Grabowy '68
Joseph Hubert '68
Thomas Edward Hultgren '69
Peter T. Jemas '72
GlennJ. Koegel '69
Robert A. Krebs '69
Stephen Edward Kross '71
Bradley R. Lakefield'68
Roman Michael Martyniuk '72
James Masters '72
Thomas E. Mastrosimone '75
Lance Meehan '72
Thomas E. Messineo '71
Donald J. Naylor '68
Wayne R. Nelson '70
Dale E. Norton '67
Rudolf S. Olszyk '71
Richard Orloff '70
Charles J Ottino '74
Alexander Perka '66
Robert L. Pasternak '70
Francisco C. Perez '72
Anthony Pfister '67
Gordon S. Pingicer '74
Robert M. Piotrowski '69
Nicholas L. Pizzulli '71
Anthony M. Salese '72
EdwinC. Sax '69
Vito Scarpelli '68
Craig K. Shay '68
John A. Seber '74
Charles Serson '68
Jeffrey E. Slemrod '67
Charles W. Strohmeier '72
Wilhelm Tell '68
Ernest J. Tessaro '69
Joseph J. Vanderhoff '72
Philip J. Wagner '70
John K. Weiss '69
WalterGeorge Whimpenny '66
GlennR.Wolfrom '69
In Memoriam

Gone but not forgotten. The following is a list of members who have been noted as deceased.

Paul J. Antonucci '70
Lawrence-Parkie F. Barrett '69
Kenneth A. Basinski ’72
R. Chirichella
Joseph P. Fiocca '71
William Heaney '69
Donald Hunter
Joseph J. Valenti '68


The members listed below are tagged “lost” in the Montclair State University alumni database and there is no current contact information for them. If you have any information related to these individuals please let us know.

James Masters '72
Francisco C. Perez '72
Craig K. Shay '68



The names listed below were provided by fellow Gamma Delta Chi alumni or were pulled from Montclair State yearbooks but do not have a matching record in the University’s alumni database. The discrepancies could be due to the individual not graduating, a misspelling on the name, or other unknown variation. If any of these individuals is familiar to you and/or you have contact information for them please let us know.

J. Brady
Gary Burton
John Colegrande
Ron DeMarco
James Duffy
D. Cornelisse R. Melhorn
T. Forester
N. Foschi
D. Gerstner
Nick Greshenko
P. James
J. Lewandowski
J. Maltese
N. Moles
William Molinksi
L. Morrow
A. Nelson
J. O'Leary
Richard Paddock
J. Pallani
V. Tricarico
C. Smith
C. Wood

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