Watch the Quadeltas sing at the 50th and 50+ Reunion!

Ken Villani 63, Jim Clark 63, Rick Hartung 63 and Bob Dey 62, the Quadeltas, were reunited at the Class of 1963's 50th reunion on May 24th, 2013, and sang a song together, reliving their days as a barbershop quartet!

The name "Quadeltas" came from Lambda Chi Delta, the fraternity that the men were part of. It was a very musical group; Lambda Chi Delta won the "Greek Sing" competition multiple years. Meetings usually involved fraternity members splitting into smaller groups and singing. According to Bob, this is how the Quadeltas got their start. By the Spring 60 semester, the Quadeltas were a regularly-meeting group and focused on Barbershop-style music. They met in Stone Hall, where Rick and Bob lived, at 6:30 in the morning to practice! That led to the group performing assemblies, some paid, both on and off campus. One gig had the group dress as cops and pretend to raid a 1920s speakeasy party, where Bob recalls "pardoning" the hosts after they invited the group to stay and sing.

The Quadeltas were featured on Ted Mack's Amateur Hour, a TV show featuring up-and-coming talent. Janice Mattisse Blanton, wife of Lawton W. Blanton, Jr., mentored the group and was able to get them the spot on Ted Mack's Amateur Hour. They didn't win, but they were seen by viewers all over the country.

After Bob graduated in 1962, the Quadeltas got together for one last performance before going their separate ways. They lost touch for decades, finding each other again at the 50th and 50+ reunion celebration and singing together, bringing back memories of their time in Lambda Chi Delta.

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‌‌Emily Brooks (left) attended Montclair State Teacher's College from 1919 to 1920. Here she stands with a friend on campus.







College Hall circa 1920.



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