Solomon and CliffordDebora Solomon Clifford '66 '70 MA and Brian Clifford '66

Debora met Brian on their very first day of Orientation in the fall of 1962.They were sporting frosh dinks, and wearing signs around their necks. The signs had name, hometown, and space for 100 sophomore signatures (sophs. ran the Orientation). While this sounds corny today, it did allow us to meet lots of frosh, and at least 100 sophomores. Brian and Debbie met at the intersection of the driveway to the kitchen loading dock of Life Hall and the "E temporary" building. We didn't go out until the next year, but have been together ever since. This year, we celebrate our 43rd anniversary. 

We retired after almost four decades of teaching and counseling in public schools and colleges. We travel as often as we can. The picture is in the Tetons of Wyoming on a recent trip.

John Scanlon '63 and Joan Topar Scanlon '62

It was love at first sight for John Scanlon ’63 the day he first saw Joan Topar Scanlon ’62. He was standing in the student life building with his friend Jordan "Dewey" McHugh.

"A gorgeous gal ran by across the front of the snack bar and up the stairs to the yearbook office," John recalls. "Who is that?" John asked his friend, who said "Forget about it, Scanlon. She's pinned to the captain of the football team!" "Oh yeah?" retorted John, who refused to be discouraged. "I pursued her, and several weeks later she broke up with her boyfriend and we went on our first real date, the sock hop in the gym," says John. The couple dated through college.

After graduation, John went to work in Cleveland, Ohio for the Ford Motor Company. He dated others but always thought fondly about Joan. She had taught at Central Regional High School for a year and was teaching in Winfield Park School when he managed to get back in touch. "I decided to call her and see if she was still single," John remembers. "She was! I invited her to visit for a big Ford event in September 1965 (a tough sell since she was enjoying the last of the summer vacation at the Shore). She accepted my invitation!  After browsing through the new Ford models at the show, we came upon a station wagon. I remarked about how nice it was. She said, "What would I want with a station wagon?” ‘How'd you like to fill it?' I said.”  Joan thought that was a good idea and they got engaged that weekend. They were married in November 1965, and have two daughters, Jennifer and Deborah, and a son, Jay. John was CEO and president of Scanlon Auto Group in Fort Myers, FL and is now transitioning into retirement. The couple love traveling all over the world. John is still in touch with Montclair State friends and Epsilon Pi Tau fraternity brothers including James Crawford '61, John "Rip" Carroll '63 '71 MA and Dennis Mamchur '58 '65 MA (who is also married to a Montclair State alumna, Barbara Bainbridge Mamchur '71 MA). Joan is still in communication with friends from the Cheerleading squad: P.K. Lawson Lynch, Lois Sachs Mancuso, Flo Postagna Carroll (who married "Rip") and recently, since the celebration at Montclair State of the 1960 undefeated football team, Linda Lee Swiss Crossley-Riddle.

"We have reveled through the good times and struggled through the bad times, but at all times remembering we are the best thing that ever happened to us!” says Joan. ''I've been very fortunate, and I'm blessed to have a wife who has supported me in all things," John shares happily. "Life is good."

Timothy Barr ’63 ’69 MA and Mary Porter Barr ’63

Timothy and Mary were lab partners in Dr. McDowell's Zoology class. “We had started dating just after the holidays that year and during the second semester exchanged lab partners so that we could sit together in class. We were the only male-female lab team in the class.” While dissecting a dogfish shark, the pair found that their specimen was the only one that contained an embryo - a fully formed but unborn baby shark.

Upon seeing this, Dr. McDowell went into his “mad professor” routine, waving his arms around and declaring to the class that this was a sign from above, a “fertility symbol”, and that the couple was going to have many children. This of course, embarrassed Mary a great deal, and gave Timothy's buddies in the class something to “bust” him about. They married after graduation, and upon the birth of their first child, Timothy told Dr. McDowell, reminding him of his prediction.

Joe Liscouski ’66 and Alice Mantie Liscouski ’66

Joe and Alice met in their freshman year in a calculus course, “really romantic”, they add. They had a number of classes together, but didn't start dating until their junior year.  They married on November 19, 1966, and since then have raised three children who are now happy, successful adults. They have four grandsons, and have had a bunch of pets, all part of the family.
"We've handled taking care of parents, ran our own company together for 20 years after working in science/technology industries, and are now developing an educational non-profit organization."

Terrence Larney '63 and Margaret Mc Laughlin Larney '63 '72 MA

Terrence and Margaret started out at Montclair State as friends with a lot in common. Both of Irish ancestry, they also were both health and physical education majors. “Terry and I shared many classes together, but Mr. Fisher’s Anatomy Lab was most memorable as we struggled to dissect our pigs,” she remembers. They also spent a lot of time together after class. “The natural setting of the amphitheater was our favorite meeting place to talk,” she recalls with a smile.

The couple’s first date was on St. Patrick’s Day during their sophomore year. Margaret and Terrence dated on and off, but both dated others. After graduation their paths diverged but they stayed in touch. Margaret was a stewardess for Pan Am and Terry taught school. A year or so after graduation they started seeing each other again, but Terrence was planning to start graduate school at Northwestern and Margaret was moving to Alaska. But on her way Margaret stopped off in Colorado, where Terrence was camping with his good friend George Storm ’63. Margaret and Terry realized they were meant for each other and got engaged. Their family later grew to include daughters Kathleen and Jacqueline.

“Our shared love of the outdoors was realized when we moved to a very old farmhouse in northern Vermont,” adds Margaret. Now happily retired in Vermont, where their daughters live less than five miles away, the couple also enjoys spending time on Jekyll Island, GA. Still great friends, they remain active, playing tennis and participating in the Senior Games.

Margaret’s brother John Joseph McLaughlin ’50, her brother-in-law Richard Keenan ’66, and her niece Patricia McLaughlin ’12 are also Montclair State alumni. She stays in touch with friends Nancy O’Brien Leoncavallo ’63 and Judy MacDonald Wood ’63.