Julia Lee Anderson Piscitelli '79 and Gary Piscitelli '78

Gary and Julia Lee met in Modern Math I class during her freshmen year and became friends.

She loved his smile and sense of humor. A few more mutual classes led to dating. Their favorite spot was the mall near the Student Center, where they would "relax" between classes! They've been married almost 30 years and have three grown daughters. She still loves his smile and how he makes her laugh.

Maria Ceres Schmidt '72 '75 MA and Bob Schmidt '71 

Maria and Bob admit that it was their custom to have lunch under a tree on campus and sometimes shared "public displays of affection." A professor once approached them with the words: "This is not a drive-in movie." The Schmidts are pictured here in front of their favorite tree on Sept. 20, 2008 when they returned to campus for the University's Centennial celebration.

Daniel Infanti ’76 and Joette Franco Infanti ’76 

Daniel and Joette met mid-senior year on a Thursday night of fun at the Rathskeller. A four-year Stone Hall resident from Keyport, met a commuter girl from Nutley, and were married four years later. Still living in northern N.J. with two grown sons as we approach our 30th wedding anniversary. We have so many great memories of the years at Montclair State, but the top of the list is the love connection for life that we were able to make that crazy winter night in the Student Center.

Maryann Woods-Murphy '78 and Joe Murphy '78

Joe and Maryann were both students in the Philosophy & Religion Departments who became friends in their classes and married during the summer after they graduated. Right after graduation, they went to live in Salamanca, Spain for four years, during Spain's transition to democracy. Maryann later returned to Montclair State and earned an MA in Spanish Literature. Joe and Maryann have been married for 31 years and are the parents of Melynda '06, Joe, and the grandparents of Olyvia. Their son-in-law, Billy, was just named the principal of the Teaneck Community Charter School. Maryann is the 2009-2010 NJ Teacher of the Year and a Distinguished Alumna, 2010.

Robert Peschel ’77 and Susan Ewart Peschel ’77

Robert and Susan met in Dr. Frank Kelland’s cartography (map making) class, which was notorious for its rigorous attention to detail and low tolerance for mistakes. “The lab for the class took many hours a week to complete the assignments, so we were together quite a bit in the Cartography Lab,” Susan recalls.

After frequent needs to start over, surrounded by crumpled piles of vellum containing more map making mistakes than allowed, the two decided to team up, with Susan (a geography major) doing the hand lettering using old-fashioned pen and ink methods and Robert, an earth science major who was better skilled at drawing curved lines, completing the projects using the now antiquated drafting instruments on hand. Their time spent creating cartographic masterpieces on blank vellum forged a friendship and a lasting relationship. “Sadly, modern map making is now all computer-based technology, eliminating such romantic encounters,” Susan says with a smile.

The Peschels have now been happily married for over 35 years. Susan continued in the geography field, earning her MLS in Library Science and working as a photo curator with the American Geographical Society Library at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is now visual resources librarian and senior academic librarian for the organization. Robert is an environmental engineer with a consulting firm specializing in Brownfield redevelopment of urban properties.  The couple has two grown children, Alison and Kyle, both engineering graduates from the University of Wisconsin.

Joyce Beams Howard ’78 ’86 MA and Jay Howard ’78

Some people don’t think math and love have anything in common. But for Joyce Beams Howard and Jay Howard, love began in Dr. Max Sobel’s Calculus I class! Joyce had transferred from a different class using another textbook and the bookstore was out of the new book.

"I knew I would never survive this class without it," Joyce recalls. "A very kind yet quiet young man named Jay offered to share his book with me until I could get one." One day after class, Jay asked Joyce what she was doing over the weekend and she told him she was going home. That didn’t deter him. "Every day for the next 10 days or so, he would ask what I was doing after class or over the weekend, and every day I would give him some story,: Joyce shares. "He was very persistent in his pursuit, and I wasn’t making it easy!" Finally, on October 15, Jay asked her to lunch. Joyce, who lived in Bohn Hall and didn’t drive, was happy for an opportunity to eat something other than dorm food, so she agreed to go with him. They went to Roy Rogers. Two days later, they went to dinner and a few days after that to a movie. Soon the couple became inseparable and spent every free minute together, studying, playing Frisbee in the quad, and boating on weekends — and taking more classes together.

"Jay proposed to me on October 30, 1976, and this time I didn’t make him ask me 10 times," Joyce says. "I immediately said yes!"  Two years later, on November 25, 1978, they were married. "These last 34 years have been the best years of our lives and have produced two great kids, Jimmy and Jackie," she adds happily. Coincidentally, their daughter Jackie and her boyfriend met in a high school math class! Love truly does begin in calculus.

Wendy Iannotti Whipple ’77 and Bruce Whipple ’76

Wendy and Bruce met while living in Chapin Hall. "We have lots of good memories of time spent with our lifelong friends participating in Conservation Club activities at Montclair State College.

Favorite memories include an overnight backpacking trip to Mt. Washington and an international work experience moving and reconstructing a log cabin in Ontario, Canada." Their daughter, Molly, is a current member of the Montclair State Women's Soccer team and part of the class of 2015.