Carol Connolly Devita '80 and Frank Devita '80

Carol and Frank, both class of 1980, met in freshman English in 1976. Carol had moved to NJ with her family from Spain where her dad was stationed in the Air Force and Frank had gone back to college after serving in the US Army in Hawaii.

Their first date was at Windows on the World at the top of the World Trade Center. Frank proposed to Carol on the drama stage on Valentine's Day in 1977 and they waited until after graduation to wed. 

Robert Cooper '83 and Shari Glickstein Cooper '83

Freshman year 1979 - Bohn Hall 16th floor, and Shari found Robert passed out in her room! She barely knew him but it was love ever since! They are both graduates of the 1983 class and have lived in New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina and now Georgia. They have two beautiful boys and are as in love today as they were in college.


Jeff Campo '83 and Diane Hofmeister-Campo '83

Jeff and Diane met during their freshman year as accounting majors. Staying in contact throughout the four years, something stopped Jeff from making his move right away. "I didn’t have the nerve to ask her out until about a month after graduation," Jeff recalls.
During their time at Montclair State, the two became close friends. "We got to know each other through classes, really," says Jeff. "Outside of the classroom, we’d see each other out at the local clubs and bars. We had a lot of fun."

Both commuter students, Jeff notes that Montclair State was "a great solution," adding, "We were not prepared to live on campus. The professors were great, and we both loved the campus. Back then, the Rathskeller had pizza and beer nights. It was a blast."

After six months of dating, Jeff popped the question. About a year and a half after graduating, the couple was married. Jeff now works at Montclair State as the Director, Foundation Finance and Accounting. He and Diane attended Homecoming on October 13. "Homecoming was terrific. The accounting Department gathering, the tailgate, the student showcase – we loved all of it. We’ve been to other schools' Homecomings, and this was by far the best we’ve seen."

Jeff and Diane are not the only sweetheart couples in the family – his brother and sister-in-law, Bob ’81 and Lynn ’84 Campo also met here at Montclair State, along with his parents, Bob ’57, ’71 MA and Mary-Jo ’58 Campo. Finding love at Montclair State runs in the family!

Judy Echeveria Linder '83 and Stewart Linder '82

Stewart and Judy met in Speech class during the 1980 spring semester, her freshman and his sophomore year. They began as friends first, sharing their mutual love of the New York Yankees! She remembers seeing him at the Ratt after one of their first classes and thinking how cute he was! Their first date was in April of 1980, when they went to a Yankees baseball game. They dated on and off for the next several years, while they were both heavily involved in CINA (Council for International and National Affairs) and the SGA. In the winter of 1983 they resumed dating and got engaged in June 1984 and married in October 1985. They're still the best of friends and the parents of two die hard Yankees fans.

Petracca SpadaroRoseanne Petrecca Spadaro '86 '07 MA and Ron Spadaro‌ '86

A friend from Roseanne's Management Process and Organizational Behavior class, Jody Tobia '87 invited her to come see his baseball team play at Ramapo. She introduced Roseanne to all the players, including Ron. A few weeks later, they met up again at a baseball party at Clove and he was there. That's where it all began, Clove Road. That night, Ronny wrote her number on his hand while sitting on a picnic table on the side of the apartments. He called her the next morning and they've been together ever since. They have two daughters and one son.

Darlina Pisano Scheuplein '86 and Paul Scheuplein '86

Darlina and Paul met freshman year in an accounting class. For four and a half years, they were friends with a mutual attraction to each other but were committed to other relationships. They spent a lot of time studying together, dancing at local clubs and the RAT, but never "officially" dated. After graduation, the timing became right. They were married in 1994. Darlina and Paul are the proud parents of three boys.

Lisa Venezia Thomas '86 and Charles Thomas '86

Chuck and Lisa met during the fall 1982 semester of her freshman and his sophomore year. She was given an inside room in the then new Blanton Hall and her window overlooked his balcony door. She would see him all the time from my window, and what may have started with a friendly wave moved onto conversation. She offered to type a paper for him, which at that time was on a typewriter. She never mentioned to him that she couldn’t type, and he never told her that he could. They dated all throughout college and he typed all her papers. They spent one year apart when she attended Graduate School, but were engaged and purchased their first home upon her return. They were married in October of 1988. They are parents to two beautiful daughters. They keep in touch with most of their college roommates. In fact, Lisa's college roommate’s younger sister married her younger brother. They met while visiting Montclair!

Monica Clavareza Lavosky '88 and Thomas Lavosky '86

“Tom and I first saw each other in Dr. Eaton’s summer speech class in June of 1984,” Monica Clavareza Lavosky recalls. It was the summer after her sophomore year and Thomas Lavosky  would graduate in August after taking his last two courses. “Since we were both shy with members of the opposite sex, neither one of us had been brave enough to initiate a conversation until the very end of the course,” she says. “By the last week of class, my friend Linda and I had made a bet that we would call and ask out the boys we liked. Although I was very nervous since I had never done this before, I called Tom to invite him to see my friend who was playing with his band in the Village the following weekend.” It was a great idea! “You can imagine how much I dreaded seeing Tom on the last night of class after asking him out,” Monica adds. “We gave each other a shy, little smile as I entered the class and saw him sitting in the back of the room.

After agonizing over the final exam, he waited for me and then we walked together to the Student Center. We must have sat on the front steps of the building for at least an hour having our first real conversation. I guess our first actual date was that night at the Primrose Diner, which has since changed names and decor quite a few times.” Tom and Monica dated for three and a half years and got married in 1988. They just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in January 2013 with their two lovely daughters.