Rebecca Mackay Fitzpatrick '06 and Christopher Fitzpatrick '04

Chris Fitzpatrick ’04 and Rebecca Mackay Fitzpatrick ’06 met in August 2001 when Chris, at the time the Student Government Association Vice President, spoke at Rebecca’s Freshman orientation. They met face to face a few days later, with Rebecca recalling Chris’s speech, and became good friends. One month later, on 9/11, Rebecca stepped up to help Chris and the rest of the SGA and ASSIST plan and deliver a candlelight vigil and memorial service to help students cope with the trauma of 9/11. Chris and Rebecca remained friends and student leaders for one year until September of 2002 when they started dating. Chris was the SGA President at this point, and Rebecca was active with ASSIST and proud to call herself “The First Lady” of the SGA. They continued their relationship and were married in October of 2009. Both are active alumni, with Chris serving on the Recent Alumni Network Committee, chairing the SGA Affinity Group, and sitting on the Career Services Advisory Board. They moved to Mount Tabor in March 2013 and plan to start a family of little Red Hawks in the near future.

Alyson Thelin Davison '02 '04 MA and James Davison '03 '09 MA

Alyson and James first met at the freshman Honors Program orientation before they were even formally students at Montclair State. Jim later proposed in the quad, under the same tree where they met on that June day and played the Name Game with their fellow Honors Program students. "We’ve had nothing but good memories here and think very highly of the school," says Alyson. Both were active on campus. Jim worked at The Montclarion, in several editorial positions, culminating in editor in chief his senior year. Alyson played a leadership role in Lambda Pi Eta, the honor society for communication majors, and also at The Montclarion. Alyson has fond memories of Jim, a Freeman Hall resident, cooking dinners for her on the hallway stove so that she wouldn’t have to go home to Clifton between classes. He still does all of the family's cooking.

Montclair State is definitely a family affair for the Davisons: Alyson's grandmother Nella DeGroot Hoving '35 was an alumna, as was her great aunt, Clara DeGroot '33. Nella was introduced to her future husband, Alyson’s grandfather Herman Hoving, by her dear friend and classmate Charlotte Hoving Los '34, Herman’s younger sister, who later became her sister-in-law. Alyson's sister, Alexandra Thelin '05 '08 MA and Jim's brother Casey Davison '02 are also proud alumni. Perhaps Alyson and Jim's son, two-year-old Andrew, will continue the family tradition as a member of the Class of 2032!

George Cowan ’05 and Vita Marlena Palmeri Cowan ’09

The Cowans met in Mythology class in September 2001. It was Vita’s first year, and George’s second. George courted her, by walking her to her car after class and making her laugh – sometimes so much that she got in a bit of trouble!

The couple dated throughout school, but when George had surgery due to a lacrosse injury, the two spent some time apart. Eventually, they moved closer to one another, and ultimately moved in together in 2006. On September 28, 2008, George proposed…exactly seven years after first date!

The following September they were married, and now have two little boys, and a third on the way!

Ron Botelho '06 and Anthony Guttilla '07

“We were a real power couple,” Ron Botelho says of himself and Anthony Guttilla during their student careers. Along with their busy academic careers, Ron served as the Vice President of the Student Government Association and Anthony became its Attorney General after he joined during his freshman year at Montclair State.

The couple first met at Anthony’s freshman orientation, where Ron was hosting the event. “As Anthony tells the story, he liked me immediately,” recalls Ron. After Anthony joined the Student Government Association, they continued to be very involved on campus. One particularly fond memory they share is their Homecoming King campaigns. “We both had a lot of fun running for homecoming king, in different years, of course,” says Ron. “Anthony received lots of votes for his stunning good looks, and me for my outgoing personality. Blended together, we were the perfect candidate.”

After graduation, both went on to earn graduate degrees from Seton Hall University. Today, Ron is a Law Clerk to a New Jersey Superior Court judge. Anthony works as a corporate event planner for the Sireno Group, a business services company.

The two were joined in a civil union in 2012, and then married in 2013.

Giuseppe Landolfo ’06 and Alexandra Schumann Landolfo ’07

Giuseppe and Alexandra didn’t meet at Montclair State; they chose it together. They both lived in Secaucus, where they met in high school. Giuseppe went to Montclair State first, Alexandra followed the next year.

They drove to school together and would eat breakfast in the parking lot before morning classes. Once on campus, they went their separate ways for class – the only class the pair took together was tennis. They would often help each other with coursework, though, studying together on the quad on beautiful days and in the library on less fair-weather ones. Some of the couple’s best memories are from their years together at Montclair State University, Alexandra recalls. It was the little things like grabbing a coffee together at the C-Store between classes that built their great experience here.

Today, Alexandra and Giuseppe are happily married. Alexandra is a Senior Marketing Analyst at Laufer Group International and Giuseppe is a Production Coordinator at Telebrands Corporation.

Christopher Rozewski '09 and Nicole Riotto Rozewski '09 '12

It’s not really surprising that Christopher Rozewski met his future wife Nicole Riotto Rozewski at Montclair State: his parents, Stephen Rozewski ’80 and Kathy (Bendlin) Rozewski ’81 were also a Montclair State sweetheart couple! Nicole and Chris met through a mutual friend while at Montclair State. They both were working on undergraduate degrees in their last year at the University. Nicole worked at the Children’s Center, and Chris at Computer Operations for Research and Education (CORE) at the College of Science and Mathematics. They spent many days enjoying the beautiful campus, drinking coffee outside of Cafe Diem, and strolling through the quad. They were engaged in April 2011 and married on July 8, 2012.

Nicole completed her Master’s in English in 2012 at Montclair State, and Chris is currently working toward an MBA at the University. Nicole is now a sixth grade Language Arts teacher and Chris works at William Paterson University. Chris’s cousin John LaVigna also is a current Montclair State student.?? Chris’ parents, Stephen and Kathy, met while working at the Willowbrook Mall in the late 1970s when they were both sophomores at Montclair State. Steve was a food service major and Kathy studied urban planning. Although they were never in the same classes, they enjoyed meeting at the Student Center during their breaks. They married shortly after graduation and have always enjoyed attending shows and events at Montclair State as proud alumni.

Keyanta Carrington Williams '04 and Anthony Williams '04

Love is serious business for Business Administration majors Keyanta Carrington Williams and Anthony Williams! As students within the same department, the couple found themselves surrounded by a lot of the same classmates and courses.

During their senior year, Keyanta noticed Anthony popping up in a number of her classes – this might not have been completely by chance, she thinks! Shortly before graduating, they began to date and have been married since September 2009!


Carolyn Perry Barrett '03 MA and Kieran Barrett '08 MA

When Carolyn and Kieran first met, she was a Graduate Assistant with Residence Life and he was a Sergeant with the campus police. They met while serving and testifying on a disciplinary committee in 2002. When a co-worker formally introduced them at a Jackals baseball game, Carolyn knew she wanted to get to know Kieran better.

After that day, Carolyn made every excuse to visit Kieran at the Police Headquarters. At first, he thought she was worried about her safety. When a co-worker told him the real reason behind her frequent visits, Kieran decided to ask Carolyn for a date at the Red Hawk Diner. They’ve been together ever since. The couple married in 2004 and how have two children. They thank each of their co-workers for helping them come together and discover their compatibility and love for each other!