Lisa (Venezia) and Charles Thomas

Chuck and I met during the fall 1982 semester of my freshman and his sophomore year. I was given an inside room in the then “new” Blanton Hall and my window overlooked his balcony door.  I would see him all the time from my window, and what may have started with a friendly wave moved onto conversation. I offered to type a paper for him, which at that time was on a typewriter! I never mentioned to him I couldn’t type, and he never told me he could. We dated all throughout college and he typed ALL my papers. We spent one year apart when I attended Graduate School, but were engaged and purchased our first home upon my return. We were married in October of 1988 and have been married for 21 years. We are parents to two beautiful daughters. We keep in touch with most of our college roommates. In fact, my college roommate’s younger sister married my younger brother. They met visiting us at Montclair! (Posted 2.8.10)

Thomas Union