Maryann Woods-Murphy and Joe Murphy

Joe and Maryann were both students in the Philosophy & Religion Departments who became friends in their classes and married during the summer after they graduated. Right after graduation, they went to live in Salamanca, Spain for four years, during Spain's transition to democracy. Maryann later returned to MSU and earned an MA in Spanish Literature. Joe and Maryann have been married for 31 years and are the parents of Melynda (26, MSU, 2006), Joe (20) and the grandparents of Olyvia (11 months). Their son-in-law, Billy, was just named the principal of the Teaneck Community Charter School.  Maryann is the 2009-2010 NJ Teacher of the Year and a Distinguished Alumna, 2010. This photo was taken in Ireland on their way to Spain in 1978. (Posted 5.11.10)