Erica Emmich '09

Erica Emmich ’09 remembers exactly when she first knew she belonged in television. “It was when I first walked into the studio for my interview at the DuMont Television Center,” she recalls. “I immediately saw the TV set and thought ‘that’s where I’m going to be!’” Now a news assistant at Fox 5 News in New York, she is well on her way to reaching that goal.

Emmich’s daily assignments vary from tracking down a story on the street as a field producer to working on special feature projects. “Some days I manage the video for the morning show, Good Day New York, and other days I’m in the control room managing the live
shots and all the feeds that are coming into the news room,” she says. “It’s very exciting!”

Emmich says that her education prepared her well for the challenges of broadcast life. “I credit Montclair State with helping to launch my career in the television industry,” says the former broadcasting major. “I came in with an advantage because all the classes I took and the skills I honed at Montclair State prepared me for the editing, writing, and reporting I do here.”

“I like to think of the Montclair State Broadcasting Department as the boot camp of the real world of television,” she says. “It simulates the real thing: you have deadlines; you have to pitch stories; you have to write; you have to edit—you become a member of a real production crew.”

Emmich enjoys all aspects of her work but has a special affinity for field producing. “One of the things I love most is the excitement of being sent out in the field,” she says. “Whatever the story is, it becomes my mission and that’s what I like about it. It’s hunting down the news, finding people, and getting their opinions.”

Although her ultimate goal is to be on air reporting the news, Emmich is happy with where she is now. “It’s a lot of hard work,” she admits, “but I pour my heart and soul into it. It’s a great feeling to look at the finished product and be able to say ‘Wow, that was a lot of work but I loved every minute of it!’”