Recording Studio

The College of the Arts Recording Studio is located in the lower level of the Alexander Kasser Theater. Servicing the recording and educational needs of the university community and visiting professionals, the Studio is an excellent resource for documenting audience productions in the Kasser as well as performances mounted for the purposes of recording. The state-of-the-art equipment/architecture of the facility allows for the theatre's stage area to be used as a primary, isolated recording space. There are a total of 96 mic inputs, any and all of which can be routed to the sound-isolated Recording Studio via patch bays in the house and studio itself. An excellent selection of microphones is available for sound enhancement in the hall via Renkus-Heinz monitors, and/or audio recording in the studio via the Pro Tools system. Recordings can be processed at 48 kHz, with up to 192 tracks available.

The Recording Studio's Pro Tools HD2 System includes:

  • Pro Tools Control 24 mixer
  • Mac G5, w/2 studio vision monitors,
    running Pro Tools w/numerous plug-ins
  • Pro Tools 96 I/O
  • Pro Tools 192 I/Os (2 of these)
  • MIDI I/O
  • Sync
  • Tascam 1X4 CD burner
  • Tascam direct-to-disc CD burner
  • 2 Glyph 36 GB "wide" audio drives
  • Avalon Millenium Preamp
  • Avalon Millenium Compressor
  • pair Mackie studio monitors


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