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To be considered for acceptance into a major within the College of the Arts, your next step is to submit an application for your intended major, upload your portfolio or audition work sample (where applicable), then schedule an appointment for an interview, audition or portfolio review.  Before doing so, it is recommended that you review the Admission Guidelines relevant to your intended major (see left column below), gather the appropriate materials, then click on the appropriate link (see right column), respective of your intended major, to get started. (Important:  The major for which you schedule your appointment must correspond with your University application.)

As admission to programs within the College of the Arts is highly competitive, it is recommended that you schedule your appointment as soon as possible to be assured optimum consideration and to avoid processing delays.

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     Department of Art and Design


Click to request a portfolio review for the  Art and Design programs listed below:

    • BFA Animation/Illustration
    • BFA Fine Arts, Studio(incl. Ceramics, Drawing, Metalwork/Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture)
    • BFA Graphic Design
    • BFA Industrial Design

Portfolio reviews are not required for the Programs listed below:
    • BA Fine Arts, Art Education programs
    • BA Fine Arts, Art History
    • BA Fine Arts, Art Studio
    • BA Fashion Studies
    • Art and Design Minor


     School of Communication and Media




Click to complete/submit your application and to request an interview or portfolio review for Communication and Media programs listed below:
  • All SCM Programs (except Filmmaking)
    • Audio/Sound Design
    • Communication and Media Arts
    • Communication Studies Minor
    • Documentary
    • Journalism
    • Health Communication
    • Organizational Communication
    • Public Relations
    • Sports Media and Journalism
    • Television Production


     John J. Cali School of Music


Click to request audition for the Music programs listed below:

  • All Music programs
    • Jazz Studies
    • Music Performance
    • Music Theory/Composition
    • Music Education
    • Music Therapy


     Department of Theatre and Dance



Click to request audition for Theatre and Dance programs listed below:

An audition/Interview is not required for the  program below:

  • Theatre Studies