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How to Apply - General Guidelines

Admission 1Admission to the Department of Art and Design is a two-step process.

(Step 1) Complete an online application to Montclair State University, following the guidelines for Undergraduate or Graduate admissions.

(Step 2) After a preliminary application review, applicants may be sent an email-invitation to attend an on-campus portfolio interview, depending upon the program. The invitation will include a hyperlink to the online “Student Appointment Scheduler” through which applicants will schedule their appointments.

Applicants are encouraged to request the earliest appointment date possible, with special consideration to the following:

  • Spring semester applicants must select the first date.
  • Fall semester freshmen applicants should select a date no later than March
  • Dates after March are largely intended for late-applying transfer applicants and University-enrolled students seeking to change their majors.
  • If special circumstances apply, call 973-655-7295.

Most appointments take place in Calcia Hall (5 minute walk from the parking deck; see campus map.)  Exceptions apply.

Additional program-specific instructions appear below.

Program-specific Undergraduate Requirements

Portfolio Review dates for the programs below are as follows: December 6, 2014; January 31, 2015; April 11, 2015
Click on the links for preparation guidelines.

Portfolio reviews for the programs below are scheduled individually with the program faculty, generally on weekdays 8:30 - 4:30.  Click on the links for preparation guidelines.  

Portfolio interviews are not required for the programs below.  Click on the links for more information.

Note to Transfer Applicants

Transferring Credits from Current Institution

All transfer students must meet the specific published acceptance criteria for the degree program that is sought, including portfolio review as defined and published for each Art and Design program. The Department of Art and Design follows MSU’s published policies for transferring credits, including the university’s articulation agreements. The Admissions Office first evaluates student transcripts from accredited institutions of higher education. Transfer students are directed to meet with their program advisor to evaluate their transferred credits in relation to specific program curricula that the student must complete.

Courses that are not in articulation agreements or that are transferred from institutions outside the agreements (i.e., out of the State of NJ) may be evaluated on an individual basis by the student’s advisor or by the specific program advisor. Evaluation for equivalence includes review of the level, catalog description, and syllabus for congruence with course and program requirements. Courses deemed equivalent to MSU courses are entered into the MSU acceptance procedure by use of an MSU Credit Adjustment Form that is initiated by the advisor and subsequently reviewed at the department, college, and university levels prior to acceptance as an equivalent or satisfactory substitute for an MSU course.

Program-specific Graduate Requirements

Portfolio interviews for the programs below are scheduled individually with the program faculty, generally weekdays 8:30-4:30.

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Change of Major Guidelines (for enrolled students)

University-enrolled students who want to change their major to an Art and Design program need not reapply to the University but instead should contact the department directly to schedule their portfolio appointment. All remaining instructions for applying to the major/concentrations otherwise apply.

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Visiting the Campus

Applicants are encouraged to visit the campus to see the facilities and learn more about University and Department of Art and Design programs.

Campus Visitation – Contact the Admissions Office

Department of Art and Design Visitation – Contact the department secretary at 973-655-7295

Directions to campus

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Applicants may qualify for scholarships available to all incoming University students:
Undergraduate Scholarships | Graduate Scholarships

Additional sources of aid, including loans and student work-study, are available through the Office of Financial Aid.

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