2013-2014 Audition Dates

Listed below are the dates that auditions are to be scheduled.  However, a new procedure to audition for the Cali School is currently being implemented, and the auditions application will be available on September 1st.

  • Friday, November 8, 2013  2-5 pm (For transfer and graduate students only applying for spring 2014 entry)
  • Friday, February 7, 2014    2-5 pm
  • Saturday, February 8   9-2 pm
  • Friday, February 28  2-5 pm
  • Saturday, March 1   9-2 pm
  • Thursday, May 15  9-2 pm (For transfer and graduate students only)

Important Notes:

  • Musical Theatre auditions are not held at the Cali School: Apply here
  • Admission is competitive and applications are processed as soon as we receive them. Apply early, especially if you have scheduling requirements due to religious, medical or other issues. An effort will be made to accommodate special requirements but this cannot be guaranteed. 
  • You must pass an audition and meet the University's requirements for admission. You may not audition more than three times.
  • Only general education music courses are available to non-music majors who are admitted to the University but not to the School of Music.
  • Music minors are not currently offered; when offered, an audition is required. An audition for any of the minors is a modified version of the audition for the major.
  • International students, or those at a significant distance from Montclair, should ask about alternative application and audition procedures.
  • Applications or required materials such as CDs or DVDs will not be considered if they are received after specified deadlines or later than 2 weeks before a chosen audition date.

Apply first to the University

All prospective students must complete the application to the University before applying to the Cali School. Use the appropriate link:

Apply to the Cali School

  1. Read about your specific audition process below
  2. Choose an audition date from the list above
  3. Submit a Cali School audition application (which will be available Sept. 1st--you can apply to the University now).  No audition application will be accepted within two weeks before your preferred audition date.

The Audition on your Primary Instrument or Voice

Prospective students for all areas of study must demonstrate performance ability, knowledge of elementary music theory, and evidence of serious musical study. The audition process allows faculty to determine if a student has sufficient ability and training to benefit from a Cali School course of study.

Post-baccalaureate (certification) and graduate candidates are expected to demonstrate performance ability and knowledge of music equivalent to a completed B.A. or B.Mus. degree. Artist's Diploma and Performer's Certificate degree applicants should follow the procedures for graduate studies.

After completing your application to the University, follow these steps to complete your Cali School of Music application.

1. Review the audition requirements for your area of interest by clicking its name below:








2. Be prepared to:

  • Perform on your primary instrument without an accompanist, voice with an accompanist to be provided
  • Bring your own instrument (exception for percussion)
  • Bring your own music as an instrumentalist, and music for the accompanist as a vocalist
  • Take music theory test (used for placement if you are accepted to the School; different tests for freshmen, transfers, post-baccalaureate and graduate applicants)
  • Transfer applicants only: submit a course syllabus for each music history course for faculty review and approval if you want to transfer credits

3. Complete the online application after September 1.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the audition process, contact the Auditions Coordinator 973-655-7610 or

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Performance Degree Audition Process

The audition process for both undergraduate and graduate applicants for this area of study includes:

  1. Audition on primary instrument or voice (see details for undergraduate and graduate auditions below)
  2. Music theory/aural skills placement test
  3. Music history syllabus review for undergraduate transfer students who wish to transfer music history credits: submit a course syllabus for each music history course for faculty review and approval.

Note: Cali School faculty members conduct interviews with prospective students to assess suitability for all programs except Instrumental/Vocal Performance. You may request an interview for one of these other areas so that if you are not accepted into your first choice, you may be accepted into this other area.