Undergraduate Auditions

Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 audition dates will be announced soon.

Musical Theater application information: Musical Theater Website

Music Minors are not currently available for incoming students. When offered, an audition is required for the music minor. The audition for any of the music minors is a modified version of the audition for the major.

International students, or those at a significant distance from Montclair, should ask about alternative application and audition procedures.

To Schedule an Audition

Scheduling of audition times are made upon receiving an application.  It is strongly encouraged that applicants apply early if they might have scheduling requirements due to religious, medical or other issues.  If an applicant has such scheduling requirements, these should be stated in a separate letter attached to the application.  An effort will be made to accommodate such requirements but this cannot be guaranteed.

Even if you have no special scheduling requirements, admission is highly competitive for all music programs so we urge you to complete the admission process early. (Freshman applicants should apply no later than March.) You must pass an audition and meet the university's admissions requirements. You may not audition more than three times for admission to the school. See our Undergraduate Catalog for an overview of our programs.

The Audition Process

1. Apply to the University first (see application). 

2. Review the audition requirements for your area of interest before filling out the Cali School audition application above.

Undergraduate students must demonstrate vocal or instrumental performance ability, knowledge of elementary music theory, and evidence of serious musical study.

You should bring your own music. Unless you play piano, organ, harpsichord, or percussion, you must bring your own instrument.

Accompanists are provided for vocal auditions only. There are no charges for this service.

The Audition Process

  • Audition on primary instrument (see links below). Note that Music Education, Therapy and Theory/Composition applicants must audition on a primary instrument.
  • Music reading test - Required for vocalists and music theory/composition majors only. This tests the ability to match pitches; identify and sing intervals, triads, chords, and scale patterns; sing and identify melodies, and read rhythms on sight.
  • Music theory test - This placement test is required for transfer students and optional for others.
  • Music history syllabus review - Transfer applicants who wish to transfer their music history credits must submit a course syllabus for each music history course for faculty review and approval.
  • Interviews for Music Education and Music Therapy applicants - Required interview with a faculty member from the specific concentration in order to assess suitability for and understanding of the field. You may request interviews in more than one area.
  • Theory/Composition Portfolio Review - All Theory/Composition candidates must present a portfolio including at least three compositions. These may be original works or arrangements, but should exhibit the use of several different instruments or voices, especially in combinations of two or more. Submission of a recording that includes at least two compositions is strongly encouraged. Theorists should submit a portfolio of analyses of at least three works by three composers from different periods.
 brass  woodwinds  strings-harp-guitar keyboard  
Percussion (Undergraduate)  voice music therapy  Jazz

Please remember that completing the Cali School audition application is only part of the admissions process. You must complete the University application as well. Both applications are due no later than two weeks before your preferred audition date.

Please read the information on this site and contact us if you have further questions: 973-655-7610; musauditions@mail.montclair.edu