The Creative Research Center Presents Second Annual Symposium - "The Scientific Imagination: Where Do Ideas Come From?"

The Creative Research Center (CRC), Montclair State's first -- and only -- “virtual Center,” presents its second annual symposium. Titled The Scientific Imagination – Where Do Ideas Come From?, the symposium has been produced into a video

The one-hour video is a wide-ranging conversation about the delights and complexities of the scientific imagination. Dr. Neil Baldwin, professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance in the College of the Arts and director of the CRC, interviews Dr. Jennifer Adams Krumins, assistant professor, Department of Biology and Molecular Biology; Dr. Cigdem Talgar, director of Research and Programs and acting director of the Research Academy for University Learning (RAUL); Dr. William Thomas, director, New Jersey School of Conservation; Dr. Ashwin Vaidya, assistant professor of Physics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences; and Dr. Meiyin Wu, associate professor, Biology and Molecular Biology and director of the Passaic River Institute.

The panel discussion includes a series of short films, produced and narrated by current broadcasting students and recent graduates, that provide a first-hand, “behind the scenes” look at the current projects and explorations of these five distinguished scientists, as well as surprising revelations from their pasts about how they became immersed into their scientific ways of life.
The program explores how science and creativity have come together in these five careers, and how the imagination comes into play when these scientists are engaged in a project. Watch the video here.

The symposium is presented by the CRC, in association with the College of the Arts, the College of Science and Mathematics, and the School of Communication and Media. The CRC was established two years ago at Montclair State and its ambitious mission is to promote a continuous conversation about the role of the creative imagination in all fields – not only in the arts.