Below is a list of current and previous projects by the Center for Cooperative Media and its partners.

Square logo for the Shadow of Liberty project.
In the Shadow of Liberty: Immigration in New Jersey This project is a collaborative effort coordinated by NJ Spotlight and the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University. In the Shadow of Liberty seeks to bring together ethnic, community, and statewide media outlets for a year-long reporting focus on immigrants, immigrant communities, and immigration issues in New Jersey.
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Grow and Strengthen: Micro Grants Grow and Strengthen is an ongoing project of the NJ News Commons to helping seed new news sites in New Jersey, and prod existing hyperlocals to deepen their coverage. Initially funded with a grant from the New Jersey Recovery Fund, the Commons seeded seven news sites in fall of 2013 and awarded seven grants for in-depth reporting. A second start-up class of news start-ups will begin in the summer of 2014.
A thumbnail image of the Immigration Project image.
The Immigration Project The Immigration Project is a collaborative reporting effort — spearheaded by NJ News Commons — involving approximately 10 reporters and news agencies in New Jersey to cover the under-reported topic of immigration in the Garden State, which ranks fifth nationwide in the number of foreign-born residents and third in percentage.
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Hack Jersey In January 2013, the NJ News Commons and Montclair State hosted the first hackathon in New Jersey to involve both coders and journalists. The weekend-long event, called Hack Jersey, featured a Friday-night party where teams began to form, a series of speakers including Matt Ericson of The New York Times, and a 24-hour contest to create data visualizations and news apps.