Resources & Services

The Center for Cooperative Media provides a variety of resources and services to assist our partners and journalists throughout New Jersey. 

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Story Exchange The NJ Story Exchange is an initiative to facilitate sharing within the New Jersey news ecosystem. The Story Exchange uses a platform created by iCopyright, which allows news organizations to offer their content for embedding on other sites for free (with ads) or for payment (without ads). iCopyright also helps publishers brand and sell reprints of their stories.
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Peer-to-Peer At peer-to-peer sessions, news entrepreneurs meet -- either virtually or in person -- to discuss common issues such as growing audience, adopting new technologies, attracting reliable freelancers and developing new revenue streams.
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Let Us Help With Investigative Reporting The NJ News Commons wants to encourage news organizations and journalists throughout the state to dig deep to uncover stories that lie beneath the surface. We can't create the time to do this, but we can help you organize your time, and learn how to use data, public records and interview techniques to get to the truth.
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Ad Networks Ad networks are a great tool for increasing advertising revenue, especially for smaller news sites. They allow regional advertisers to buy into a group of sites that are linked geographically or thematically, and can fill unused ad inventory for local publishers.
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Need Video? Try Our Wired Jersey Crew Videos are great additions to news and feature stories, but most niche and local news sites don’t have the time or resources to create them. That’s where our Wired Jersey news production class might be able to help.
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Local Beat Each Thursday, the NJ News Commons publishes a roundup of the best local reporting for the week. The post is available to embed, like all our other stories, via iCopyright, and is picked up weekly by
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Let Us Be Your OPRA Sherpa The NJ News Commons can now help coach its news partners, and their staffs, through the complex and often confusing OPRA process. To get help filing an OPRA request, simply write to, tell us who you are, who you work for, how to reach you -- and explain what you're trying to find out. The service is confidential and free to all partners of the NJ News Commons and working journalists in New Jersey.
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Filing an ORPA Suit on Contingency If a government agency is failing to provide public documents -- or if the documents you receive are overly-redacted -- and you feel that you'll need to go to court to get them, there are members of the NJ bar who will take such cases on contingency. These attorneys will take the risk, and file with the court for their legal fees if your case prevails.
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Daily News Curation Five days a week, the NJ News Commons reviews the output of news organizations around the state and features the best in a daily newsletter. We look for themes, see how different outlets cover the same story, and feature stories from both the biggest newsrooms and the smallest. Our goal is to recognize the best journalism about New Jersey and to create a quick read for people who want to know what’s going on in the state.
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Internships The NJ News Commons is working with faculty of the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University to connect students in the program with Commons partners. All SCM students have a rigorous grounding in communications studies and theory, and many have special training in video and audio production. Journalism students in the English Department are also available to participate in our internship programs.
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Satellite Office The NJ News Commons can provide its news partners with temporary office space, as well as use of our state-of-the-art radio facilities and a conference room for meetings. The multimedia news room -- used for trainings, internship fairs and weekly brown bag lunches -- is intended to provide a collaborative working space for New Jersey news organizations throughout the state.
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Business Mentoring The NJ News Commons is led by Director Debbie Galant — a pioneer in hyperlocal news media. Galant is available to provide advice on starting and running a digital news site, from editorial to business planning to ad sales.
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Podcast: The News in Jersey Every other week we have a conversation with journalists around the state about something they've been working on. Shows have focused on subjects ranging from street violence to Lakewood's Tent City.