External Resources

The Center for Cooperative Media provides access to tools that can help our partners build their startups, growing their audiences. If you would like to suggest other tools, email info@njnewscommons.org

[Sponsored] How to Build a Website and Blog An easy, step-by-step guide from a web developer. Data and Technology Resources A list of technology resources for journalists, from links to online classes in coding and website building to a wide variety of data sources on information related to New Jersey. Journalism Blogs Blogs, podcasts, and radio stations discussing journalism and the news media. Legal Resources A list of legal resources for journalists, including contact information for libel/media insurance brokers, as well as a free online media law class offered by Poynter. Links to Open Public Records Information about the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), including where and how to file a request. Training Links Links to free online training sources, how-to videos from YouTube, and style guides. Professional Organizations Links for professional organizations supporting journalists and news media. Small Business Assistance Sources for small businesses in New Jersey, including post-Sandy help, starting your own business, and resources to help grow and support a small business. Blargo Wordpress Theme Blargo is a mobile-responsive Wordpress theme created by Broadstreet Ads and paid for by the Center for Cooperative Media to make it easy for news startups to get up and running quickly and easily. Sample Business Plan We encourage our startups to thoroughly research their business ideas and put together a plan that will help guide them as they launch their sites. Included are links to resources to get you started.