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The College of the Arts works with employers that represent industries, corporations as well as for-profit and non-profit organizations, who are looking to hire interns or recent College of the Arts graduates.  Below is information regarding ways in which CART Career Services connects with employers:

Establishing internships

  • Employers are encouraged to offer internships through which students may earn academic credit at the University.  Most credit-bearing internships are managed by the Cooperative Education (Co-op) program which carries specific employer-participation guidelines.
  • Internships may be offered as carrying a salary or stipend, or as unpaid.  The Fair Labor Standards Act sets clear guidelines for employers offering unpaid internships. (FLSA Worksheet #71) Wherever possible, the University encourages organizations to offer paid internships if they are in a position to do so.
  • Internships are generally scheduled for the length of a semester (at Montclair State, a semester is defined as 15 weeks long during Fall and Spring and 14 weeks long during Summer). 
  • Employers can structure positions as part-time (16-20 hrs) or full-time (35-40 hrs.)
  • Employers are asked to provide a detailed position description which is posted for students to review.  At a student applicant's request, a resume would be forwarded to the employer for review.  Follow-up interviews would be arranged by the employer. 
  • When a student accepts an internship offer, course enrollment for the work-based experience is arranged through the University’s Cooperative Education program.  A Co-op Faculty Advisor is then assigned to supervise the student's learning activities. 
  • For more information on employers’ participation in the Co-op program, go to: Co-op, Employers