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Upcoming Agenda

This agenda is also available in PDF format. Agenda – October 25 (PDF)

DATE:      October 25, 2017
TIME:       10:30 a.m.
PLACE:    University Hall Conference Center, 7th Floor

  1. Statement regarding manner of public notice of meeting
  2. Roll call
  3. Minutes from September 14, 2017

Matters Presented by the Chair

  1. Action: Honorary degree

Personnel, Compensation, Nominations and Governance Committee

  1. Action: Personnel actions
    1. Faculty appointments
      1. Non-tenure Track
      2. Instructional Specialists
  2. Professional/managerial staff appointments
  3. Professors emeriti

Academic Affairs and Facilities Committee

  1. Action: Energy procurement

Audit, Finance and Investment Committee

  1. Action: Contract award authorizations
  2. Action: Procurement policy
  3. Action: Investment policy
  4. Action: FY 2017 audit


  • Student Government Association President
  • University Senate President

Closed Session

  1. Motion to enter closed session prior to the next public session

New Business