Current Committee Assignments

Effective September 2016.

*Note: The Board Chair and the President serve as ex officio, nonvoting members of every standing committee.

Academic Affairs and Facilities Committee:
Mr. Maguire, Chair
Ms. Cali, Vice-Chair
Dr. Cole*
Mr. Hiltzik*
Mr. Inserra
Mr. Mullen
Mr. Council, Non-Voting Student
Audit, Finance and Investment Committee:
Dr. Cuss, Chair
Dr. LaRossa, Vice-Chair
Dr. Cole* 
Mr. Hiltzik*
Mr. Kennedy
Mr. Clement, Voting Student
Personnel, Compensation, Nominations and Governance Committee:
Mr. McGoldrick, Chair
Mr. Cuss, Vice-Chair
Dr. Cole*
Mr. Hiltzik*
Mr. Pinkett

Executive Committee:
Mr. Hiltzik, Chair*
Dr. Cuss, Vice-Chair and Chair, Audit/Finance
Mr. Maguire, Secretary and Chair, Academic/Facilities
Mr. LaRossa, Immediate Past Chair
Mr. McGoldrick, Chair, Personnel Committee
Dr. Cole, President*

Board of Trustees Delegates:

Montclair State University Foundation
Ms. Cali