Current Committee Assignments

As of February 2015.

*Note: The Board Chair and the President serve as ex officio, nonvoting members of every standing committee.

Academic Affairs and Facilities Committee:
Mr. Hersh, Chair
Mr. Maguire, Vice-Chair
Ms. Cali
Dr. Cole*
Mr. LaRossa*
Mr. Mullen
Mr. Fasano, Student Voting 
Prof. Brown, Faculty Representative
Mr. Gallagher, Student Non-Voting
Audit, Finance and Investment Committee:
Dr. Cuss, Chair
Ms. Blount, Vice-Chair
Mr. Carter
Dr. Cole* 
Mr. Fasano, Student Voting
Mr. Kennedy
Mr. LaRossa*
Mr. Pinkett
Personnel, Compensation, Nominations and Governance Committee:
Mr. McGoldrick, Chair
Mr. Hiltzick, Vice-chair
Dr. Cole*
Dr. Cuss
Mr. LaRossa*
Ms. Padilla

Executive Committee:
Mr. LaRossa, Chair
Mr. Hiltzik, Vice-Chair
Ms. Blount, Secretary
Dr. Cuss, Chair of Audit, Finance and Investment Committee
Mr. Hersh, Chair of the Academic Affairs and Facilities Committee
Mr. Kennedy, Immediate Past Chair
Mr. McGoldrick, Chair of Personnel, Compensation, Nomination and Governance Committee
Dr. Cole, President*

Board of Trustees Delegates:

Montclair State University Foundation
Ms. Cali

NJ Association of State Colleges and Universities (NJASCU)
Ms. Cali