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David Josephson
Executive Director,
Budget and Planning
University Facilities 973-655-6956
Carole A. Schaffer
Associate Director,
Budget and Planning
College of the Arts, College of Education and Human Services, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University Advancement 973-655-6946
Kevin Andreano
Budget and Planning
Systems Administrator
Adaptive Planning

Patti D'Angelo
Senior Researcher
College of Science and Mathematics, School of Business, Human Resources, Finance & Treasurer, Student Development and Campus Life 973-655-4293
Debbie Fernbacher
Senior Researcher
Office of the President, Provost, Library, Information Technology 973-655-4293
Kathleen Spichiger
Senior Researcher
Resource Planning 973-655-6808
Maria Wellins
Professional Svcs Spec
Administrative Support 973-655-7428