Meet Your Building Managers

Matthew Collum

Matthew Collum

Nicholas DeMarco Head Shot

Nicholas DeMarco

Jessica Fetherston Head Shot

Jessica Fetherston

Danison Fronda Head Shot

Danison Fronda

Reginald Georges Head Shot

Reginald Georges

Julissa Gonzalez Head Shot

Julissa Gonzalez

Sejal Makadia Head Shot

Sejal Makadia

Sean McChesney Head Shot

Sean McChesney

Matthew Mortillaro Head Shot

Matthew Mortillaro

Louis Ojeda Head Shot

Louis Ojeda

Shanice Otieno Head Shot

Shanice Otieno

Gabbi Ricasta Head Shot

Gabrielle Raccosta

Luis Torres Head Shot

Luis Torres

Amanda Wood head shot

Amanda Wood

Victoria Woods Head Shot

Victoria Woods

A Recreation Center Building Manager is the person in the red shirt, and is responsible for making sure the building runs smoothly. They know how to talk to patrons and employees, and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills. Should you have a problem with your visit to the Recreation Center don't be afraid to talk to them about it. They are trained in customer service, conflict resolution, and risk management. A building manager's responsibilities include: keeping order and safety in the building, handling any conflicts with patrons or employees, and administering first aid to anyone in need.

Get to know our building managers! We trust them, and so should you!

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