Hydro Quidditch

Date: Wednesday October 29th
Time: 7:00pm
Where: Student Recreation Center Pool
Cost: FREE

  • Format:
    • 3 Chasers- Paddle and maneuver in innertubes as you try to score points by throwing quaffels through opposing goals, but watch cautiously for the opposing beaters.
    • 2 Beaters- Freeze the opposing teams chasers and seeker by throwing Bludgers while on your hydro noodles. As a team, plan and execute a perfect attack!
    • 1 Keeper- Guard the goal with all of your might on your inner tube but beware of the 3 chasers trying to score.
    • 1 Seeker- Searches for the snitch, can you keep up and find the golden snitch by chasing it down on a hydro noodle?

Tournament style elimination- winners move on, losers are eliminated.

Registration takes place from until the 29th in the Office, at the event, or Online.

Team Registration

- Must have at least 7 teammates to signup as a team
- Maximum of 10 people per team

Free Agent Registration

- Sign-up as a free agent to be placed on a team where people are needed

View Pictures from last year's Hydro Quidditch on Facebook!