Indoor Triathlon

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Date: February 22nd
Time: 8am
Where: Student Recreation Center Pool
Cost: $10 for Students, $15 for Faculty & Staff, $25 for Outside Community

If you would like to register, you can do so online at:, or call the Student Recreation Center front office at 973-655-3340.

Participants will compete in time-based events, including swimming, biking, and running. Each person is assigned a lane, bike, and treadmill on which to compete. There is a 10 minute, then 5 minute transition between each leg of the triathlon.

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  Each heat lasts approximately 50 minutes. Those pre-registered will be informed of the exact flight time the day before.

Participants are required to bring a change of clothes (from bathing suit).  They should also bring a lock for the locker rooms.

Results of the Indoor Triathlon of 2015


Final Position Awards Client Name Swim Lengths Swim Rank Bike Dis. Bike Rank Run Dist. Run Place
1st Top Female Skopinceva, Jelena 20 3rd 18.1 1st 2.77 1st
2nd Top Runner Mason, Marjorie 21 2nd 17.3 3rd 2.48 2nd
3rd Top Biker Delaney, Megan 18 4th 17.6 2nd 2.14 5th
3rd Top Swimmer Bartosh, Stephanie 25 1st 14.5 5th 2.14 5th
5th   Belhumer, Stacey 14 5th 15.2 4th 1.75 7th
6th   Steele, Melanie 11 8th 13.3 7th 2.18 3rd
7th   Soyombo, Remi 10 9th 14 6th 2.16 4th
8th   Scaturro, Carla 14 5th 12.6 9th 1.72 8th
9th   Dimaculangan, Beatrice 12 7th 13.2 8th 1.15 9th


Final Position Awards Client Name Swim Lengths Swim Rank Bike Dis. Bike Rank Run Dist. Run Place
1st Top Male Homenik, Erich 30 1st 20.2 1st 3.2 1st
2nd Top Biker Cunha, Frank 24 3rd 19.9 2nd 3.08 4th
3rd Top Runner Baunach, William 21 5th 19.1 3rd 3.1 2nd
4th   Spender, Jake 21 5th 16 7th 3.09 3rd
5th   Adams, David 22 4th 17.5 5th 2.19 8th
6th   Johnson, Des 19 8th 17.8 4th 2.98 5th
7th Top Swimmer Truitt, Daniel 30 1st 14 10th 1.99 10th
8th   Delgado, Alex 21 5th 14.8 9th 2.57 7th
8th   Petses, Stefan 19 8th 16 7th 2.62 6th
10th   Dimaculangan, Dennis 15 10th 16.6 6th 2.12 9th
11th   Krasas, Christopher 13 12th 13.5 11th 1.89 11th
12th   Saburn, Tim 15 10th 12.3 12th 1.32 12th