Pool Rules

Pool Policies

  • All persons must shower before entering the water.
  • All persons with shoulder or longer length hair are advised to wear a swim cap.
  • All patrons who wish to enter the water must wear proper swim attire, an appropriate swimsuit. This excludes regular athletic shorts, sliders, compression shorts, sports bras, etc.
  • The lifeguard reserves the right to decide who shall and shall not be permitted to use the pool. All lifeguards are trained and instructed to abide by all Campus Recreation policies and procedures.
  • Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be prohibited from entering the water.
  • Running, pushing, throwing into the pool, use of profanity, or behavior causing annoyance, danger, or abuse is prohibited, and will result in suspension from using the pool and/or all Campus Recreation Facilities.
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices only. No swimmies or bubbles that are NOT approved by USCG. Ask the lifeguard if you are unsure about any device.
  • Lightning is part of a severe weather storm where electrical surges head from the clouds toward the earth or from the ground towards the sky. Lightning is generally thought of as a threat to outdoor facilities, but inside the building there is also a threat of electrocution. If there is an electrical storm outside the Montclair State University Student Recreation Center, lifeguards will evacuate the Student Recreation Center Pool. The pool area will remain closed until 30 minutes after the last evidence of lightning or thunder is present.

Emergency Pool Procedures:

  • If the lifeguard blows his/her whistle, look for further instruction.
  • In the case of evacuation: please stay with the group and follow the Lifeguards' directions.